June 2013 Auto Sales

Volkswagen the brand suffered another small decline but Volkswagen the Group nonetheless managed to make a bit of headway. Credit a still-hot Audi, and burgeoning Porsche.

Volkswagen -3%
The Beetle is battling (+30%) but the Passat (+6%) and Jetta (+9%) are just holding their own. Meanwhile, the Golf (-36%) is starting to look like a model in the last year of its cycle, while the Eos (-40%), the CC (-35%), and the Routan (-85%) just look old.

Audi +8%
A3 sales have pretty much ended but otherwise there were no big swings among Audi cars. The big movers were the SUVs: the Q5 (+26%) and the Q7 (+78%).

Porsche +23%
Hear the purists rejoice as the new Cayman outsold the slumping Panamera in June. Ah, but then look over the Cayenne (+77%), and see what is by far the bestselling Porsche.

Bentley -9%

Lamborghini +7%

The hottest brand throughout the recession is the hottest brand in the recovery. The XV Crosstrek is looking more and more like a good idea; it combined with the new Forester (with assistance from the Outback, Legacy, and Impreza) to give Subaru the biggest June-over-June sales increase of any brand.

The BMW Group enjoyed a surge in June, keeping it ahead of Daimler-Benz, as the BMW division beat Mercedes-Benz.

BMW +25%
The 3-series gained momentum in June (+63%) and the 6-series posted a big increase of its own (+120%). Factor in the additional volume from the X1, and you get a good month for the Bavarians.

Mini +10%
The Countryman outpaced the other Minis but both were ahead of last year.

Rolls-Royce +6%

Mercedes-Benz was beaten by BMW in June, but it still holds the lead over its rival through the first half of the year.

Mercedes-Benz +8%
The SUVs continue to the happiest story at Mercedes: GL (+25%), ML (+26%), GLK (+37%); and don’t forget the G-wagen, which sold 231 units versus 50 last June. The cars were more of a mixed bag, with C-class up (+17%) but E-class (-7%), S-class (-14%), and CLS (-22%) all down.

Smart -23%
After popping in May, Smart dropped in June.

MAZDA +13%
The new Mazda6 is now doing more than twice the volume of the old car. The Mazda2 and Mazda3, though, were both down -- the replacement for the latter was just recently revealed but isn’t yet in showrooms.

The XC60 jumped by half, and the S60 was flat. All other Volvos declined.

The Outlander (+58%) and the Outlander Sport (+80%) made a valiant effort, but they couldn’t quite make up for the departure of the Eclipse, the Endeavor, and the Galant.


Jaguar +59%
The arrival of the F-type gave Jaguar a boost but all Jaguar models beat their year-ago totals.

Land Rover -4%
Range Rover Sport inventories were down (-28%) with production of the old version ending. The big Rover (+23%) and the Evoque (+19%) saw the biggest increases.

1. Ford F-series 68,009
2. Chevrolet Silverado 43,259
3. Toyota Camry 35,870
4. Chevrolet Cruze 32,871
5. Honda Accord 31,677
6. Honda Civic 29,724
7. Dodge Ram 29,644
8. Ford Escape 28,694
9. Nissan Altima 26,904
10. Honda CR-V 26,572

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