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Who knew that the combination of SUV and coupe would be so successful? Apparently BMW did, and its X6 "Sport Activity Coupe" is proof. The German automaker is now looking to capitalize on the segment with the Concept X4.

Although BMW hasn't officially disclosed mechanical details of the production-spec X4 -- this concept is simply a styling preview -- we have a good idea where in the lineup it will fit. Just as the X6 is a swoopier X5, the X4 will mirror the X3 in a similar fashion. Despite the drastic design differences, the X3 and the X4 are almost identical in size: they are both 183 inches long and share a 110.6-inch wheelbase, but the X4 is 1.3 inches wider and 1.5 inches shorter.

Expect to see the X4 mirror the X3 in the powertrain department, too. That means a choice of BMW's spunky N20 2.0-liter turbo-four (badged xDrive28i) or the venerable N55 turbocharged I-6 (xDrive35i). Both engines are likely to be mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. BMW has already stated that all-wheel drive will be standard on the production-spec X4. There is speculation that an X4 M is in the works and that it will use the same forced-induction I-6 rumored for the upcoming 2015 M3/M4.

While they share a number of attributes, the X3 and the X4 completely different aesthetically. Where the X3 is boxy and upright, the X4 blends the athleticism of the larger X6 with the sinewy lines of the 4 Series Coupe Concept. Since BMW considers its SAC vehicles to be part of its coupe range, this makes sense -- the automaker wants to create more of a visual link to its slinky two-doors than to its boxy trucklets and conservative sedans. The even-numbered nomenclature is another indication that the X4 belongs in the coupe family.

Exaggerated lines, bold detailing, and a rakish profile define the X4's design. Up front, we see another example of BMW's new headlights that connect to the sides of the twin-kidney grilles. The full-LED units copy the hexagonal running-light rings from the 4 Series concept, and the inner ring is extended horizontally to the grille to help increase visual width. The grille has also been tweaked to draw the eye in: the blades are done in high-gloss black with a milled-down matte-black lower third and have been hollowed-out for "extra visual depth." We think that the hollow grille bars make the X4 look extra-aggressive. Large lower intakes each have a trio of chrome-edged black bars that have also been partially milled. A bright chrome faux diffuser lends a slightly off-road-ready look to the otherwise sporty crossover.

Twenty-one-inch polished alloy wheels fill swollen arches and give the X4 an athletic stance. BMW has reinterpreted its trademark swage line here, splitting it into two pieces -- one line runs from the A-pillar to the C-pillar, and a second line originates at the front of the rear wheel well and sweeps up to the taillights. The front line is a great evolution of traditional BMW design cues, but the rear one looks a little too much like the clunky "ponton" fender that Mercedes-Benz just eliminated from its E-Class. The rear end is a clear evolution of the X6: high-mounted, L-shaped LED taillights; a small backlight; and numerous levels of horizontal surfacing to reduce visual height and increase visual width. The widening tricks work -- in pictures, the X4 looks like it could easily be as wide as an X6 despite being 2.1 inches skinnier.

BMW is aiming to launch the production-spec X4 at some point next year. Unsurprisingly, the German automaker will build the X4 at its plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina, where it builds the X3, X5, and X6 for global consumption.

I love this car. Car is not only moving device. It is a kind of fashion. Imagine girls dressed in a car only :)
Jeewesh Camaro
bmw i think its x5 or x6 or x7
Walkins Mwenda
sometimes its gd to learn from previous mistakes. where hv they bn all this time.dont they ever read reviews on that car.
I never would have thought that BMW would  stray so far from it roots as it has done. I think they should change their motto to "The Ultimate Whatever Machine"
Congratulations BMW on creating what AMC created  with the Eagle SX4...
Benjamin Kasianov
If BMW wants to make a sedan into a Suv why not just add air suspension. To much wasted RD.
Didn't Steve Erkel did drive an Isetta?  This would be the perfect new car for him!!!
I'll bet the words "dumm Amerikaner" were used in the development meetings for this vehicle.  Even is they weren't, does anyone else feel insulted???
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.........ha,,,,,,ha haha.....thats the dumbest thing I've !ever seen!
Muhammad Ali Khan
how many hourspower engion
Andto ThemIsay
Not another f**king X-- series
Lee Klein
So ugly, why would anyone buy it?
Elaine Bythebeach
BMW=Break My Wallet.
Nexhat A Xhelili
Do not stop we want the all NEW BMW TRIPLE X...
M Rick Richards
X4, the answer to a question nobody asked...
Eric Seeger
Dear BMW, we already like you. So just stop it. Please.
Automobile Magazine
Those wheels are pretty wacky, come to think of it... -BT
Noah Feldman
Cuteness with the spinning wheel badge. I like it a lot.
Thomas Voelker
Not swoopy enough, but some progress.
Fonzo Ro Ma
Wacky wheels distract from poor design
Fonzo Ro Ma
Anyone but me notice that ALL carmakers are using wacky wheel designs to distract from bad car design?
Alonso Lobo
a lot of bmw models !!!...
Alonso Lobo
too much.... not a good idea.... X5 is fine but not this!!
Miles Krasic
Meh. Nothing special. I agree,BMW has been venturing out into unusual places with their ideas.
Frankiko Ly
It's all about styling not functionlity. Not all people need to haul stuff.
Jason Mosery
I think BMW needs to stop. I could handle this if they make a new M1
Dzuan Truong
Sitting in an X6 at the SF autoshow was horrid, supermely uncomfortable and the ingress egress was awful stepping out you would bang you knee against the door hull.
Sean Connor
When BMW gets a bad idea, they sure don't give it up easily
Oscar James Mensah
Kyle MacDermaid
As stupid as the X6. How does this makes sense? If you need an SUV, you need something that hauls a decent amount of cargo and passengers. This essentially gives you the same mileage as the SUV, but with less rear passenger room, and less cargo capacity? It makes no sense.
Vishesh Gautam
sedan on suv base.........good concept...
Vishesh Gautam
sedan on suv base.........good
Adam Axell Neujahr
As long as the transmission and storage space perform it looks good for its genre.
Ibrahim Kalloua Rif
Tim Lucas
I really wish BMW would focus on Drivers cars and not these non-utility SUV's.
Dammy Onafowokan
How the mighty have fallen....
Frankiko Ly
A smaller x6
Corey W Sheldon
Looks too much like the x6 imho
Devansh Gaur
Beast !
Eric Santaiti
Cool.  Is it a hybrid?  No?  Too bad.

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