May 2012 Auto Sales

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The Volkswagen Group was hot, but not quite as hot as last month.

Volkswagen +28%
Volkswagen's performance largely mirrors that of last month. Some 10,000 Passats were sold, which appears to be where that model has plateaued. Those additional units account for the brand's year-over-year increase, while the 3000 sales chipped in by the reintroduced Beetle offset the declines in the Tiguan (-20%), the CC (-60%), and the Jetta (-9%).

Audi +10%
The new A6 has grown to become the third-best-selling Audi, behind the A4 and the Q5. The A7, however, had its first down month (-3%). Nothing else in Audi land moved more than 12%, either up or down.

Bentley -11%


Subaru was one of the lesser-known brands that was affected by supply problems starting last May. The brand's big increase over a year ago also proved to be enough to push it past the BMW Group. The new Impreza (+218%) looks great compared to last year but is up only slightly from April's figure. All Subarus increased -- except, of course, for the Tribeca (-10%).


BMW's growth slowed in May, and the flagship brand was again outsold by Mercedes-Benz.

BMW +7%

The 3-series (-22%) had a sudden, and unexpected reversal this month -- and, conversely, so did the 1-series (+52%). A big jump for the new 6-series (+160%) was more expected. The X5 (+39%) and the 5-series (+45%) also did well.

Mini +6%
Both the regular Minis and the Countryman managed small gains this month.

Rolls-Royce +7%

MAZDA +14%

The CX-5 has become the second most popular Mazda, behind only the Mazda3. Speaking of the Mazda3, it dropped a bit (-4%), as did the CX-9. The struggling Mazda2 (-21%) and the stubbornly unpopular Mazda5 (-36%) dropped more.

VOLVO -15%

The XC60 (+26%) once again was Volvo's only bright spot, although its sales climbed more in May than they had in April. All other Volvos were down.


Mitsubishi took another ride down in May, mostly due to collapsing sales of the Eclipse, plus a drop for the Lancer (-35%). Only the Galant turned in a positive number (+31%). Oh, and sales of the battery-powered "i" car climbed from 79 to 85.


Jaguar -15%
All three Jaguars dropped in May, lead by the XK (-45%).

Land Rover +19%
The Evoque is the source of all the growth at Land Rover. Strangely, of the other models, it was only the LR2 that was able to post a gain.


The new 911 did well again in May (+44%), staying ahead of the Panamera (+22%). The Cayenne (-7%), however, remains the bestselling Porsche. Boxster and Cayman buyers continue to await the new versions.


Suzuki moved into positive territory in May, thanks mostly to the Grand Vitara (+25%).


1. Ford F-series 54,836
2. Toyota Camry 39,571
3. Chevrolet Silverado 34,555
4. Honda Civic 33,490
5. Toyota Corolla/Matrix 31,847
6. Honda Accord 29,737
7. Chevrolet Malibu 29,579
8. Ford Fusion 26,845
9. Dodge Ram 26,040
10. Honda CR-V 25,186

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