April 2012 Auto Sales

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All three members of the Volkswagen Group outpaced the market, racking up nice gains in March.

Volkswagen +39%
Passat sales jumped by 2000 cars per month in the first three months of the year, but have now leveled off at around 10,000 units. Still, that alone accounts for VW's year-over-year increase. Add in the volume of the reintroduced Beetle, and VW can easily shrug off declines in the Tiguan (-16%), the CC (-64%), and even the Jetta (-8%).

Audi +15%
The new A6 doubled weak, year-ago numbers; and that, together with the addition of the A7, supplied a good chunk of the Audi momentum. The SUVs also helped, while the A8 (-29%) looked the weakest.

Bentley +71%


In the battle against Mercedes-Benz to retain its newly won luxury-brand sales crown, BMW suffered at bit of a setback in April, as its 12% gain wasn't enough to stay ahead of its rival. Still, BMW outpaced the industry, although Mini was a drag on sales of the group.

BMW +12%
The 3-series (+21%), the X5 (+51%), and the 6-series (+93%) enjoyed the biggest sales increases. In the negative column we find the struggling 1-series (-38%), the 7-series (-32%), and, that's right, the X6 (-22%).

Mini -11%
Both the regular Minis and the Countryman declined slightly this month.

Rolls-Royce +7%


The new Impreza (+87%) is looking strong, and is threatening to overtake the Outback (-10%) as the brand's bestselling car. Both the Forester (-16%) and the Legacy (-4%) also dropped a bit.


The CX-5 is now easily the most popular Mazda crossover, besting the CX-7 (-52%) and CX-9 (-45%) combined. The aging Mazda6 (+38%) and the Miata (+5%) provided the only other good news, while the Mazda5 (-31%) and the Mazda2 (-23%) both sank.


On the Mitsubishi roller coaster, it was the Galant's turn to climb (+181%), while it was all downhill for the Eclipse (-89%), as well as the Outlander (-29%) and the Outlander Sport (-15%). Oh, and 79 copies of the "i" car were sold.

VOLVO -24%

There was red ink all over the place at Volvo, with every single model lower than last year save for the XC60, and that was up only 3%.


Jaguar -14%
After a big uptick last month, Jaguar swooned in April, with all three models falling.

Land Rover +10%
The Evoque is making this year better than last for Land Rover, but the other two Range Rovers and the LR4 all dropped this month.


After a puzzling decline last month, the new 911 came roaring back in April (+69%), outselling the Panamera! The Cayenne (-13%), however, remains the bestselling Porsche. Unsurprisingly, Boxster volume (36 units) has all but dried up as buyers await the new version.


Suzuki dropped 17%, with all four models down.


1. Ford F-series 47,453
2. Toyota Camry 36,820
3. Honda Accord 35,385
4. Chevrolet Silverado 30,749
5. Toyota Prius 25,168
6. Toyota Corolla/Matrix 24,804
7. Honda Civic 24,423
8. Honda CR-V 23,627
9. Chevrolet Malibu 21,906
10. Ford Fusion 21,610

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"...but all other Jeep models increased, lead* by the Wrangler..."1) *led. "Lead" is never appropriate for past tense.2) It's nice that you think so much of your reader to add a script to automatically cite text cut and pasted from your content, but please don't. It's annoying, especially when a commenter is commenting on your own site.

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