January 2012 Auto Sales


BMW +3%
The 1-series (-16%) continues to sink but the 3-series (+16%) is hanging tough even as the sedan is about to be replaced. The 5-series (-26%) dropped significantly but the 7-series (+56%) enjoyed a bounce. The new X3 (+57%) is doing very well.

Mini +21%
The increase for Mini was basically all due to the Countryman.

Rolls Royce +7%


With each passing month of major gains, VW's outsized U.S. sales goals look a bit less ridiculous.

Volkswagen +48%
The new Beetle is outselling the previous New Beetle by a factor of 4, but that only puts it about on a par with the CC. The real driver of VW's growth was the Passat, which added some 6000 units to the brand's total.

Audi +20%
The new A6 (+90%) is doing good things for Audi, with help from the Q5 (+26%) and the A7 (+643 units). The A3 (-18%) continues to struggle and the A8 (-28%) has cooled.

Bentley +44%

MAZDA +68%

A big ad push gave Mazda its best January in years. The Mazda2 came out of nowhere (with 6 times its year-ago sales) and even the Mazda6 doubled. Less remarkably, there were also gains for the updated Mazda3 (+83%) and the CX-7 (+33%). Only the Mazda5 (-25%) couldn't make it happen.


Subaru appears poised to put its disappointing 2011 in the rear-view mirror, with a healthy January increase led by the new Impreza, which doubled. The Legacy (+23%) also chipped in but the Forester (-12%) dropped.


The Mitsubishi roller coaster headed downhill in January. The company sold 36 examples of its "i" electric car, which made it almost as popular as the Eclipse Spyder. The Lancer slipped (-10%) but the Outlanders crept up a bit.


Volvo was pretty static, although the S60 (+36%) continues its ascent.


Jaguar +5%
The XF (+38%) enjoyed a turnaround but the other two Jags were lower.

Land Rover +41%
The Evoque effect has hit Land Rover, but it did not account for all of the sales increase. The Range Rover Sport (+35%) also contributed, as did the LR2 (!). The Range Rover and the LR4 declined.


The new 911 (+56%) helped keep Porsche in the black, aided by the Panamera (+16%). This was in the face of a sharp drop in Boxster sales ahead of the new model's debut and a minor decline for the Cayenne (-5%).


A steep drop for Suzuki in January, as all models dropped off -- mostly significantly, the Kizashi (-73%).


1. Ford F-series 38,493
2. Toyota Camry 28,295
3. Chevrolet Silverado 26,850
4. Nissan Altima 22,357
5. Honda Civic 21,883
6. Honda CR-V 18,960
7. Toyota Corolla/Matrix 17,988
8. Ford Escape 17,259
9. Ram 17,909
10. Chevrolet Impala 16,009

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I buy cars that are 2 years old so I don't take the initial sticker hit or antiques I feel will appreciate so new car dealers hate me. That being said, I would like to focus on Buick and Lincoln in my comments. Buick: Your regal is an awesome platform. Sexy and aspiring in nature. Here are the problems. It is too expensive. Way too expensive. The price needs to go down. The engine options in Europe need to appear. The awd option needs to appear. The wagon version needs to appear. Why not the Holden Caprice and The Holden Monaro to show up quickly @ Buick instead of giving yet another car to Chevy? Why not the full Astra line with Buick? Why not a luxed out Zafira? You need to hire me as product manager. Dang.Lincoln. You need to be an all rwd brand that competes with Europe. Look to Caddy for better inspiration. Your car brand needs to feel more Mercedes e Class than Lexus e350. Just saying. Look to your Australian arm for help.

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