November 2011 Auto Sales

Volkswagen +41%

The new Passat is roaring along, although it’s still only half the volume of the brand-leading Jetta. The New Beetle is doing three times the business of the previous model. Even the not-so-new Rabbit/GTI is doing well (+36%), as is the Eos (+53%). The Routan (-35%) and CC (-35%) are the biggest drag on results.

Audi +4%
Although Audi’s year-over-year increase looks quite small, the brand is claiming best-ever sales for November. Credit the new A6 (+70%) and the addition of the A7, with minor -- very minor -- help from the A8, the TT, and the Q5. The Q7 (-40%) and the A3 (-38%) suffered the largest drops.

Bentley -13%

Mercedes-Benz +46%

Mercedes-Benz had a very big month in November. The addition of the coupe continues to do good things for the C-class (which doubled), and the new CLS is running at three times the previous car’s volume. The rest of the action mostly came from the SUVs -- the M-class (+38%), the GL (+54%), and the GLK (+55%).

Smart +96%
What the heck happened at Smart? Out of nowhere, sales suddenly doubled. The total was only 414 units, but still.

Maybach -20%
Maybach once again sold 4 cars. That’s 4 sales Daimler-Benz is in danger of losing, now that it has acknowledged plans to drop the brand.

BMW +7%

Little changed at BMW. The 5-series (-29%) and the 3-series (-15%) have slowed, but not as much as the 1-series (-35%). The new X3 and the X5 continue to do well, as does the new 6-series, now available as a coupe and a convertible; and the 7-series saw a pop (+53%).

Mini +71%
With the standard Mini now beating its year-ago numbers (+20%) the added volume of the Countryman is pushing the brand well ahead.

Rolls-Royce -30%
For the fourth month in a row, Rolls-Royce sold exactly 30 cars, versus 43 last year.

MAZDA +20%
Mazda experienced another strong upsurge in November. Once again, the Mazda2 did well (+73%), as did the Mazda6 (+54%), and so did the CX-9 (+39%). The Mazda5 swung into the plus column (+15%), as did the Mazda3 (+6%). Of the continuing models, only the Miata declined (-9%).

Subaru continues to suffer fallout from the disaster in Japan, and might actually end up down for the year, which would be a reversal of its recent fortune. Nearly all Subarus were down; the Impreza was down the most (-59%), but that model is about to be replaced with a new version. Only the long-suffering Tribeca, managed a modest increase.

VOLVO +19%
This month, the XC70 (+36%) joined the C30 (+43%) is helping the powerhouse S60 deliver a positive month for Volvo, despite declines in all other models.

Jaguar -18%

Jaguar was back on the downswing in November; only the XK (+14%) did better, aided by the new XKR-S.

Land Rover +31%
Land Rover was up by almost a third. The lion’s share of the credit goes to the addition of the Evoque, although the other Range Rover models also chipped in: Range Rover (+9%), and Range Rover Sport (+37%).

With the Eclipse, Lancer, and Outlander all dropping, Mitsubishi’s only positive news was the addition of the Outlander Sport, which has now become its biggest-selling model. Oh, and the i has just arrived, but not in sufficient quantity to make an impact.

The Boxster was down (-57%) but the Cayman was up (+28%). The 911 (-17%) and the Panamera (-17%) were also down, but the Cayenne was up (+9%).

The Grand Vitara (+22%) and the Equator pickup (+35%) increased, but it wasn’t enough to offset declines for the SX4 (-27%) and the Kizashi (-42%).

SAAB -10%
Once again, none of Saab’s three models were able to sell 200 units.

TOP 5 BESTSELLING NAMEPLATES in November (and rank last month)
Ford F-series 47,740 (#1)
Chevrolet Silverado 34,251 (#2)
Toyota Camry 23,440 (#4)
Ford Escape 21,823 (#8)
Nissan Altima 20,613 (#5)

Ford Fusion 19,912
Dodge Ram 19,739
Honda Civic 17,133
Honda CR-V 16,426
Toyota Corolla/Matrix 16,115
Hyundai Sonata 15,668
Honda Accord 15,468
Toyota Prius 15,208

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