24 Hours Living With A Porsche 911 Carrera GTS

A. J. Mueller

7:00 P.M.: Barton Hills to Grosse Pointe Park
"Happy Anniversary!"

Jean can have her flowers. I chose a balloon bouquet to celebrate one year of marriage to my beautiful wife, Lindy. She was thrilled when I showed up at home with the 911 Carrera GTS for our Saturday night out -- but not as thrilled as I was. I'd never driven a brand-new Porsche before, only 911s from the late 1960s. Oh, yeah, we're gonna have a good time tonight.
- A. J. Mueller

10:00 P.M.: Grosse Pointe Park to Grosse Pointe
A Night Out

Lady Lindy loved the 911. She loved the smell of the cabin. She loved how everything was suede. She loved its speed on the way to the Dirty Dog Jazz Cafe, where the valet put the car right out front. Jazz legend Stanley Jordan was performing. The club was packed -- really vibrant, really happening. When we left, the crowd coming in for the next show was digging the Porsche.

12:00 Midnight: Grosse Pointe to Livonia
Hot Car, Black Coffee

No Sarah Vaughan blues at the Looney Baker 24-hour drive-through doughnut shop. Just fresh-from-the-fryer doughnuts and a cup of joe.

2:24 A.M.: Livonia to Ann Arbor
Grocery Getter

Not all social lives are created equal. Fortunately, the 911 doesn't discriminate. After ferrying the Muellers to the jazz club, it serves just as ably for my late-night grocery-store excursion. I only need contact solution and eggs, but I get a bit carried away. Someone will be able to use the dog food. The slingshot, maybe not. Fortunately, the excess all fits in the 911, although I drive home gingerly to avoid getting smacked in the head by a basketball.
- David Zenlea

3:14 A.M.: Ann Arbor to Plymouth
At the Car Wash

7:30 A.M.: Plymouth to Ann Arbor
Sunday Driver

Days like these could pass for dreams, especially when they start this early on a Sunday. But I'd never let sleep get in the way of the short time I have with the 911 Carrera GTS. I head for the nearest ribbon of curvy pavement, Huron River Drive.

At about 6200 rpm, the flat six's howl becomes a wail as six flaps in the intake manifold kick open and the engine races to its 408-hp peak just shy of redline. Car, driver, and road connect through the precise shifts of the seven-speed dual-clutch automatic and the deliberate, weighty steering. Life's chores are a little sweeter in a 911, but attacking a great road in one is bliss.
- Eric Tingwall

9:11 A.M.: Ann Arbor to Detroit Metropolitan Airport
Airport Shuttle

The 911 Flies down a twisty road, but it doesn't do so well crossing oceans. My trip to Germany means the 911 can finally rest after twenty-four hours of action. At the terminal, I lift my garment bag and carry-on from the front trunk and hand off the keys one last time. The valet has seen plenty of hot cars in his time, and he eyes the GTS with keen admiration. He knows what's up.
- ET

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I am stunned to see that a Porsche can be used for every day activities right at the same time that Porsche is advertising the same thing. I hope next time you drive a BMW you sense joy, too.

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