The Last Words of David E. Davis, Jr.

"Singers were actually better cars, but I always raced MGs. I raced a TD, and then I had a Mark 2 TD. And then I went to a TF. I was driving a TF 1500 -- I'd been married for three months and was one week away from my twenty-fifth birthday -- when I crashed the car and screwed my face up so horribly. I was laid up for a long time after I got out of the hospital.

"In 1957, I went to work for Road & Track as an ad salesman. [Publisher] Elaine [Bond] was younger than [husband, publisher] John, but they were both in their fifties. Elaine Bond was really wonderful, but it was tough for her. She wasn't very well educated, but she had a very good mind and was thrust into a situation at the magazine where she had to make judgments about all kinds of things where she had absolutely no experience. And John loved to beat up on her, not physically, but berate her. And anything that went wrong on the magazine was her fault, and he would not let up. He'd keep at it and at it and at it.

"John had been an engineer who had worked for Harley-Davidson, but the printer contacted him to ask if he would take over Road & Track because the two guys who were doing it were absolutely worthless -- Oliver Billingsley and Bill Brehaut.

"But along came a guy named Charles Gillet -- he's at Greenwich every year showing his Rolls. He graduated from Yale in about '51 and got into his Allard in Baltimore, Maryland, and drove across the country to Glendale, California, walked into the Road & Track office, and told John and Elaine that he wanted to take them to lunch. He had a proposition.

"And he said, 'I have done a dummy, which I have with me.' It was a great big thing that he had done at Yale, and his thesis was this, and it became Elaine's thesis later: The United States has never had car magazines like England has. English magazines are interesting and foreign and exotic even though they're not very good magazines. What makes them interesting to us is that they cover cars that we don't get to see here in the United States. A good American car magazine should do the same thing.

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The Lincoln Blackwood Is Dead
This would be perfect to expand into book length material. I already own Thus Spake David E, I'd buy this if it were book length.
Thanks for publishing this. It was an interesting read and interesting to know some of Mr. Davis' story.

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