June 2011 Auto Sales


Volkswagen +35%
The bigger, cheaper Jetta (+88%) appears to be just what the doctor ordered, for Volkswagen; imagine what will happen when the new Passat finally arrives in showrooms. Among carryover models, all bettered their previous June sales, except for the Routan (-31%).

Audi +17%
The A8 zoomed ahead and the R8 did too, but the A4's more modest increase (+15%) translated into more sales. The Q5, though, showed signs of slowing (-12%).

Bentley +53%


BMW +13%
The new X3 tripled its previous total, and the new 6-series (+79%) didn't do so badly either. Neither, for that matter, did not-so-new models like the Z4 (+120%), the 3-series (27%), and the 5-series (+13%). The X5 (-4%) may be suffering a bit at the hands of its newer sibling, while the X6 (-11%) and the 1-series (-54%) appear to just be suffering.

Mini +26%
The addition of the Countryman is driving all of Mini's sales growth, and more. And more, because the other Minis are off 8%

Rolls-Royce -2%
Rolls deliveries declined by 1 car.


Mercedes-Benz +19%
CLS sales had practically stopped a year ago, now they're 7 times higher -- though still low enough to maintain exclusivity. Among the more mainstay models, the E-class was up (+19%), but the C-class was down (-17%); perhaps the refreshed 2012 model will help. All the SUVs were up, ranging from +30% for the GLK to +89% for the GL; only the hapless R-class (-60%) failed to join in.

Smart -19%
Smart has a harder and harder time living up to its name.

Maybach -20%
As was the case last month, only 4 Maybachs found homes in June. But they were all very nice homes.

For the second month in a row, Subaru reported a monthly sales decline. Again it was the imported Forester (-28%) and Impreza (-35%) that were down, while the U.S.-made Legacy (+16%) and Outback (+21%) increased.

Mazda bounced back after a disappointing May, thanks to the new Mazda5 (+57%), the CX-7 (+25%), and the CX-9 (+15%).

Meteoric rises for the Eclipse (+110%) and the Endeavor (+1494%) -- both coming soon to a rental lot near you? -- propelled Mitsubishi's sudden surge. More organic growth came from the addition of the Outlander Sport, which now outsells the Outlander.

VOLVO +42%
Volvo did much better in June than it did last year, as part of Ford. You can't credit the new ownership as much as you can the addition of the S60, which is easily the brand's bestselling model.


Jaguar -14%
The XJ took a breather this month (-19%) and unfortunately so did the XF (-26%). Only the XK was able to notch a gain (+48%).

Land Rover +13%
Both Range Rovers and the LR4 did better than one year ago, while the aging LR2 continues to sink.

Cayenne sales doubled, while the Panamera declined slightly (-18%) and the sports cars were little changed.

Increases for the SX4 (+34%) and the Equator (+74%) made up for the Kizashi's surprising stumble (-23%).

SAAB +50%
The good news is that Saab sales were 50% better than last year. The bad news is that Saab sold only 323 cars. The hopeful news is that the 9-4X is on its way. The worrisome news seems to bubble up every other week or so, with regards to the company's scramble to line up sufficient financing to continue operations.

TOP 5 BESTSELLING NAMEPLATES in June (and rank last month)
1. Ford F-series 49,618 (#1)
2. Chevrolet Silverado 32,579 (#2)
3. Chevrolet Cruze 24,896 (#8)
4. Chevrolet Malibu 23,737 (#3)
5. Ford Escape 22,274 (#6)

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My 2011 Subaru WRX was manufactured in Indiana, not Japan. From what I've found, all Impreza's are American made.

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