Sub-3000 Club: The Eight Slowest-Selling Cars

Porsche Boxster - 2177 sales / Porsche Cayman - 1322 sales
Leaving aside the V-6-powered Cayenne SUV, the Porsche Boxster and Cayman are the cheapest ways to get behind the wheel of a brand-new Porsche. And yet the coupe and roadster continue to languish at the bottom of Porsche's sales charts year after year.

For Porschephiles, neither car offers the same historic pedigree as the long-lived 911. The Boxster entered production as recently as 1996, and its hardtop Cayman sibling didn't bow until the 2005 Frankfurt Motor Show. They're also sometimes seen as soft, dumbed-down Porsches as opposed to the more sporting 911 range. Porsche intentionally keeps the cars' outputs down so they don't upstage the iconic 911.

Pity, because both the Cayman and Boxster reward with an engaging driving experience limited only by the lack of horsepower. The Boxster starts at $48,100 with a 2.9-liter flat-six making 255 horsepower, which the $58,600 Boxster S upgrades to a 3.4-liter unit with 310 horses. The pricier Cayman demands $51,900 for its 265-horsepower iteration and $62,100 to unlock the 320-horsepower Cayman S. Even more performance can be had from the sporting Boxster Spyder and upcoming Cayman R. Yet even the least-powerful 911, the Carrera, trounces these outputs with a substantial 345 hp.

Furthermore, there are just three flavors of Boxster and two versions of the Cayman, whereas Porsche has spawned an incredible 25 different varieties of the current 911, proving just how much attention the company lavishes on its historic model. The 911 accounted for 5737 Porsche sales in 2010, almost double that of the Boxster and Cayman combined.

Porsche recently launched a new ad campaign touting the everyday usability of its cars, which aims to convince potential buyers that Porsches can be more than just a retirement goal or a weekend-only toy. Check back next year to see whether the promotion elevated Cayman and Boxster sales figures above their meager 2010 levels of 2177 and 1322 cars, respectively.

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