April 2011 Auto Sales

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Mitsubishi sales doubled, and it wasn't just due to the addition of the Outlander Sport. There were fishier aspects as well, like a 6-fold increase in sales of the Eclipse Spyder, and a 10-fold increase in sales of the Endeavor.

VOLVO +41%
The new S60 can claim credit for Volvo's healthy jump, but it was not the only good news for the Swedish automaker. Both the XC60 and even the aged XC90 increased sales by half, which was enough to offset declines for the smaller cars and the S80 sedan.


Jaguar +39%
In April, the XJ was once again the best-selling Jag. Once again, the XF and the XK slipped. But they didn't decline that much, so the XJ was able to give the brand a nice gain overall.

Land Rover +9%
Land Rover couldn't maintain the momentum of the last two months, although 3 of its 4 models were in the plus column. (No prizes for guessing that the fourth was the LR2.)

The Cayenne looked particularly good coming off a depressed April of 2010. The 911, to a much lesser extent, also gave Porsche a lift. The Panamera, however, dropped 12%.

April saw another nice bump for the Kizashi (+42%) but volumes remain small.

SAAB +224%
Saab was just trying to pick itself up off the floor last April. Compared to a year-ago figure of 215 units, having sales triple is good, but it's really just a start. Now that Saab has (perhaps) secured a steady source of financing, the next big milestone will be the addition of the 9-4X, which isn't yet reflected in these results.

TOP 5 BESTSELLING NAMEPLATES in April (and rank last month)
1. Ford F-series 45,435 (#1)
2. Toyota Camry 30,443 (#5)
3. Honda Accord 30,310 (#2)
4. Chevy Silverado 29,342 (#3)
5. Honda Civic 26,777 (#6)
Chevrolet Cruze 25,160
Chevrolet Malibu 24,701
Toyota Corolla/Matrix 24,215
Elantra 22,100
Sonata 21,738
Honda CR-V 21,683
Ford Escape 21,240
Ford Fusion 21,189

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Could you tell us how these numbers relate to pre Recession sales numbers?

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