February 2011 Auto Sales

MAZDA +14%
Mazda's increase wasn't enough to maintain market share, as the 3 disappointed (-2%). What gains there were came from the crossovers-CX-7 (+31%), CX-9 (+43%)-the 6 sedan (+17%), and the addition of the Mazda2.

Mercedes-Benz +5%

The SL and SLK enjoyed an inexplicable surge, but otherwise there were no big mover under the three-pointed star. A modest increase for the M-class was offset by a modest decline for its smaller sibling, the GLK.
Smart +10%
A second-in-a-row up month for Smart-only by 42 cars, but Smart needs to take good news wherever it can find it.

Go, Mitsubishi! The Outlander Sport added nearly 1300 sales; the rest of the uptick came from the Galant (huh?). Unfortunately, the Outlander, Lancer, and Endeavor all declined.

The arrival of the S60 and the new XC60 are keeping Volvo afloat, as the XC90 is stagnant and all the other cars have fallen off big-time.

Jaguar -9%

The XJ is now outselling the XF, which is good news and bad news. It's good news because the XJ is (presumably) more profitable. It's bad news because XF sales have fallen by half.
Land Rover +26%
The LR4 (+82%) was the big mover for Land Rover, with the Range Rovers up too. The LR2, however, declined.

All four Porsche models outdid their year-ago numbers, but none more so than the redesigned Cayenne (+56%), whose sales are now outstripping the Panamera-and the 911-two to one.

The Kizashi enjoyed a 60% gain, and Suzuki also got some help from the Grand Vitara (+27%) and the Equator pickup (+108%).

SAAB +566%
Saab sold 546 cars last month, versus 97 a year ago when GM had essentially pulled the plug and was waiting for it to expire. So, that's a big percentage increase but volume actually slipped a bit versus January.

TOP 5 BESTSELLING NAMEPLATES (and rank last month)
1. F-series 37,549 (#1)
2. Silverado 31,728 (#2)
3. Camry 27,212 (#4)
4. Corolla/Matrix 25,860 (#3)
5. Fusion 23,111 (#9)
6. Accord 22,916
7. Altima 20,808
8. Civic 19,121
9. Malibu 19,092
10. Ram 18,644

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