First Look: 2012 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupe

Michael Febbo
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The big change for 2012 is the AMG Speedshift Plus seven-speed MCT transmission. The race-quick gearbox uses a multi-plate wet clutch instead of a torque convertor to ensure as much torque as possible makes it to the pavement. It improves fuel economy through more efficient operation and also features a conservation mode with start/stop function. When not saving the planet, drivers can choose from Sport, Sport+, and full Manual mode. Stoplight grand prix racers will appreciate the Manual mode's AMG Race Start with launch control. While somewhat tedious to engage, the Race Start assures the fastest start possible with wheel spin. That's not an easy task with the mountain of torque available.

Suspension tuning is specific to the coupe but dynamically very similar to the sedan. The AMG models use a multi-link setup in front instead of a single lower control arm with a MacPherson strut like other C-Class models. The lighter and more aggressive suspension has been designed to provide better driver communication as well as greater amounts of static negative camber and more kinematic camber gain. The rear is a reinforced version of the regular C-Class' multi-link suspension with a wider track and again more negative camber. For 2012, the AMG Sedan version receives a larger rear anti-roll bar that will also be used on the coupe. Not surprisingly, tire and wheel fitments stay the same.

The U.S. Release of the C63 AMG Coupe is scheduled for September of 2011. Pricing hasn't been released yet on any of the C-Class models, AMG or otherwise. The 2011 C63 AMG Sedan rings in at a base price of $58,200 without destination or gas-guzzler tax. For comparison sake, the BMW M3 bases at $55,900 for the sedan and $58,900 for the coupe. As with BMW, we'd expect the C63 Coupe to ring in at a couple grand more than the sedan, which itself should start slightly north of the previous-generation model.

Part of the attraction to previous C63s was the sleeper aspect of a giant overpowered luxury sedan. The Coupe will likely be as large of a success offering the same mix of performance and luxury in a less conservative wrapper. Hopefully the next logical step will be AMG importing the Estate version. The rear tailgate and flexible cargo-carrying options could spawn a two-volume press release. It might even require a few diagrams.

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I forgot to mention that we took european delivery in 2009, a C- Classe for my wife. It was a very posetive expierience. They were so nice at the delivery center. And we had very good driving going up to skandinavia via the autobahn. After breaking in it was a blast.
I was praying they would put the 6.2 in the coupe, and they did. Going to Germany next year to get one ( european delivery) I have to, this is going to be the last super brute car before they go for turbo's and hybrid. Long live V8's and displacement!!!!

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