First Look: 2012 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupe

Michael Febbo
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Mercedes has made no bones about what car it hopes to steal some thunder from with its all-new C-Class Coupe: the BMW 3 Series two-door. The story is roughly the same with its new AMG-ified version, the 2012 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupe. The target is still a BMW 3 coupe, but instead it's the one with the M badge on the back.

A few years ago this wouldn't have needed mentioning, but in the era of "four-door coupes" such as Mercedes' own CLS, the Volkswagen CC, and Audi A7, the difference between C63 Sedan and the new coupe is the lack of rear doors. (The C-Class Coupe lineup as a whole is the first two-door for the C lineup since the departure of the unloved C-Class hatchback in 2007.) Mercedes hasn't given any specifics, but we imagine the coupe will be the stiffest of the C family. We also expect the two-door to be the lighter of the two, but digging through Mercedes technical data shows that may not be the case. We're waiting to hear back on specifics from the automaker.

Inside, the C63 Coupe gets the same new dash, steering wheel, and seats as the sedan version. The new dash uses a more horizontal design stretching across the car and integrates the navigation screen for a more cohesive appearance. The center panels of the new seats are covered in a synthetic suede-like material Mercedes refers to as DINAMICA. The bolsters are covered in M-B Tex for easier entry and exit, plus better wear resistance. The steering wheel is taken straight from the CLS63 and features flat sections on both the top and bottom. The only real difference between coupe and sedan are the rear seats. The coupe is a dedicated four-seater using two separate backseats with a center console running between them. The seating position feels lower than the sedan and the individual seats will do a better job of supporting passengers during high-G exploits. There is definitely enough space for adults in the rear, but preferably for shorter trips around town.

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I forgot to mention that we took european delivery in 2009, a C- Classe for my wife. It was a very posetive expierience. They were so nice at the delivery center. And we had very good driving going up to skandinavia via the autobahn. After breaking in it was a blast.
I was praying they would put the 6.2 in the coupe, and they did. Going to Germany next year to get one ( european delivery) I have to, this is going to be the last super brute car before they go for turbo's and hybrid. Long live V8's and displacement!!!!

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