First Look: Porsche 918 RSR Hybrid

Michael Febbo

While not small, the flywheel does fit in the space that would normally accommodate a passenger inside the gentleman racer-inspired cockpit. Oh, the high price of being green. Porsche has made sure the driver, while alone, will still race in comfort with leather covering everything from the racing bucket to the dash. The 918 Spyder show car features a touch-sensitive center console that looks as futuristic as it is heavy and complicated. In the RSR, the Apple-inspired infotainment system has been replaced with less techie but far more functional toggle switches and push-buttons. To keep some amount of awe factor, the interior still features loads of bare carbon-fiber that can be appreciated once you lift what Porsche describes as obliquely opening doors.

Styling of the 918 RSR, like the Spyder, is reminiscent of mid-engine cars from Porsche's past. The bubble cockpit and rounded flares both recall the lines of 908 and the top-mounted fan between the buttressed rear window comes straight from the 917. Small winglets on the front and the large pedestal spoiler on the rear tie into the RS Spyder, but also are commonplace on most modern racing cars. The base color on the car is Liquid-Metal Chrome Blue, complimented by Porsche Hybrid Orange for the stripes and brake calipers. The center lock 19-inch wheels are finished in black to emphasize the car's sporting intentions.

There is still no word on when or if Porsche intends to bring the 918 into production. The 911 GT3 R Hybrid is already an excellent rolling laboratory for Kinetic Energy Recovery Technology, it's hard to imagine that Porsche would have built this car if they weren't interested in further development of the 918 for production. If more hybrids were developed like this, maybe we would all have an easier time being green.

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