Ed Welburn Drives the Oldsmobile Aerotech

Oldsmobile Aerotech Concept

Oldsmobile Aerotech Concept

Four More Cylinders, Five Years Later
The record breaking proved to be great exposure for Oldsmobile, and the Aerotech was used as in print ads, TV spots, and even made the rounds at various auto shows (a non-running model was fitted with a gussied-up interior for use on the show circuit). After that, however, both cars were shuffled off to a warehouse, seemingly relegated to history.

Ironically, Olds found itself with a similar situation in 1992. The division was readying a new DOHC 4.0-liter V-8 for its forthcoming Aurora luxury sedan, and to prove the engine’s mettle, the division turned once again to its streamliners. World records were again the name of the game, but this time, the Aerotechs were gunning to set new endurance speed records.

While a third running car was constructed from scratch, both short-and long-tails were dusted off and updated for their latest quest. To accommodate running 24-hours straight, the Aerotechs were blessed with enclosed headlamps, functional tail and brake lamps, and a roof-mounted flashing identification lamp. Other modifications for the endurance running included a reshaped air intake, smaller rear wheels and taller profile tires all around, a reshaped canopy, and a new monochromatic paint scheme.

Unlike the first Aerotechs, the revamped endurance cars were fitted with virtually stock engines. Modifications were restricted to revised camshafts, custom intake and exhaust systems, specialized engine tuning, and small tweaks designed to facilitate engine replacement, if so needed.

The three Aurora Aerotechs once again returned to the Fort Stockton track on September 4, 1992, and proceeded to run for eight days straight. In the process, the cars managed to set nearly 47 different speed records, including the FIA average speed record for a 10,000-kilometer run (170.761 mph) and a 25,000 kilometer journey (158.386 mph). According to Oldsmobile releases issued at the time, the eight-day run was roughly the equivalent of running 31 Indy 500 races back-to-back.

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