Winter Car Buyer’s Guide: AWD Without an SUV or Truck

GM has truly been trying to transform Cadillac into the "Standard of the World" again as of late by introducing a number of CTS variants along with other planned models. One way in which Cadillac needed to expand in order to better compete with the likes of BMW was by adding all-wheel-drive options to some of its cars. Cadillac nearly emulated BMW in its AWD execution, adding the system to every available CTS model (a là BMW's 3-series) and the majority of its STS lineup (BMW 5-series).

CTS Coupe
Base price: $40,890
AWD cost: $1900
City/hwy mpg: 17/26
AWD penalty: None

CTS Sedan (3.0/3.6)
Base price: $39,190/$44,290
AWD cost: $3200/$1900
City/hwy mpg: 18/26, 18/27 (3.0, 3.6)
AWD penalty: None

CTS Sport Wagon (3.0/3.6)
Base price: $40,990/$46,090
AWD cost: $1900 (both)
City/hwy mpg: 18/26 (both)
AWD penalty: 1 mpg hwy, None (3.0, 3.6)

Base price: $50,400
AWD cost: $2295
City/hwy mpg: 18/27
AWD penalty: None

And, what about the Nissan Juke? I drove the AWD version. Neat little car, albeit a little quirky looking.
Phil Floraday moderator
Suzuki specifically calls the SX4 a crossover when it has awd. But we think it's a cool little vehicle.
What about the suzuki sx4?

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