The 25 Most Influential Car Designers Working Today

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14. NOBUKI EBISAWA (57, Japanese)
Chief officer of automobile design, Honda
Key cars: 1984 Honda Civic and 1998 Accord

Ebisawa doesn't play the flamboyant designer role -- he's more white lab coat, shirt, and tie (he's also the managing director of R&D). But, since 2009, he's had overall responsibility for the look of nearly four million Hondas every year. After joining the company back in 1977, he worked through Honda's early '80s "man maximum, machine minimum" design phase. Post-2000, the firm added a more emotional dimension, as witnessed in the superbly packaged Fit minicar, the radical European Civic hatchback, the aerodynamic FCX Clarity fuel-cell vehicle, and the wedgy CR-Z. In all, he's behind more independent-thinking, functional, and dynamic design than he is sometimes given credit for.

Having owned six Audi Quattros in a row, I buy the cars primarily because of their rally-bred excellence in all weather driving---BUT putting an Italian designer in charge of the shiny bits! It's a great combination--German AWD technology on the inside and Italian flair for the stuff that shows on the outside.
Peter Schreyer ranked at 16 is like saying Paul McCartney is ranked behind Taupin, Wilson, Harrison, Morrison, Berry, Lennon, Springsteen, Simon, and Dylan, in that order,. which he would be not. Come on,. company set-aside,. Schreyer was a an insurrectionist among that list, barring two, ARGUABLY.

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