October 2010 Auto Sales

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Honda's year-over-year gain wasn't as big as Chrysler's, but Honda's year-ago wasn't as depressed. So its 16 percent increase was able to nudge Honda ahead of Chrysler, even though the American company posted a larger year-over-year increase.
Honda +16%
The new Odyssey opened big (+47%), as all Honda trucks (save the hapless Ridgeline) surged ahead. The car side saw generally smaller gains, ranging from 5% for the Accord to 18% for the Fit.
Acura +13%
The MDX took a break this month, up only 3%, while its smaller sibling, the RDX, made a big move (+40%). Of the sedans, the RL actually had a big gain (+62%) but its volume is still a tiny fraction of the bestselling TL, which increased 21%.

Chrysler boasted a second big year-over-year increase in October. Jeep was the major engine of the company's gain, with an assist by the Ram pickup.
Chrysler +29%
Chrysler division was the reverse of most players in October, as its car side -- meaning, basically the 300 (+79%) -- outperformed its trucks -- meaning, basically, the Town & Country (+18%).
Dodge +3%
For Dodge, what the Caliber gave (+376% from very low total last October), the Avenger largely took away (-31%). Similarly, the Nitro's increase (+50%) was wiped out by the Grand Caravan (-9%).
Jeep +111%
A huge increase in Grand Cherokee sales (+291%) has got to be bringing a smile to Chrysler's Italian masters. In lesser news, the two baby Jeeps also saw big percentage increases.
Ram +37%
The big Ram pickup was the big story here.

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