2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 and the 10 Greatest Mustangs Ever

The tire and wheel package consists of nineteen-inch aluminum alloys for both cars. The Boss 302 wheels, painted black, are nine inches wide in the front and 9.5 inches in the rear and are wrapped in Pirelli PZero rubber; the Laguna Seca wheels are another half-inch wider in back, are finished in orange and silver, and use R-compound PZeros.

Ford likes to say that the Boss isn't just a sticker-and-wheel package. True enough, but that doesn't mean that exterior graphics have been ignored. Indeed, the huge C-stripe on the side is an unmistakable homage to the original 1969 Boss. The stripe color (black or white) is repeated on the hood and the roof. Additional exterior design elements include a front splitter, a rear wing, and a grille with blanked-out foglight holes (why not just design a new grille?). Body colors are red, blue, orange, yellow, or white. The Laguna Seca gets red graphics, with additional color splashes on the grille surround and mirror caps. Its base body colors are black or silver only. It also has more extreme aero aids, taken directly from the 302R racing car.

Inside, the Boss's look is subtle-at least in the standard car. (In the Laguna Seca, it's hard to miss the giant X-brace where the back seats used to be.) Recaro front buckets, from the GT500, are standard in the Laguna Seca and optional in the Boss 302. The steering wheel is wrapped in Alcantara, and there's dark metallic trim. The Laguna Seca adds a gauge pack with water temperature, oil pressure, and a multifunction readout for quarter-mile times, lateral g's, and such (the multifunction readout, at least, should be on the regular Boss, too). There's also a new gauge cluster with the tachometer redlined at 7500 rpm and a 180-mph speedometer.

The latter is indicative of the Boss 302's higher top speed-155 mph (same as the GT500), versus 145 mph for the Mustang GT. Ford is otherwise being coy with regard to the car's specific performance capabilities, except to say that the Boss 302 should be good for 1 g of lateral grip and the Laguna Seca capable of 1.03 g. We expect the Boss to shave a fraction of a second off the GT's 0-to-60-mph run, since it weighs about the same but adds another 28 hp. But this car is more about track times than straight-line sprints, and one performance spec that Mustang engineers were not shy about touting was their claim that the Boss 302 can beat a BMW M3 around the Laguna Seca road course. If that proves to be true, they will have created a serious road racer that not only pays homage to the Boss Mustang legend but writes a whole new chapter.

How in the hell did you guys include the bullitt and forget about the 03-04 Cobra? Next time do your homework a little better.
I am drooling all over my keyboard. I can not stop looking. This must be a dream. I know I will wake up in the morning and it will be a Ford Escort or something lame like that....
The paint job on the 2010 is godawful, butt ugly. Looks like a 3 year old was turned loose with a pine bough and a bucket of red and black $h!t.

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