Spectre 341 Challenge

And as fast as the 2010 911 Turbo is, I don't even have the fastest 911 here. That title would go to Alex Djordjevic and his 2001 911 Turbo. Djordjevic rattles off some stats. "It's got 1243 horsepower at the rear wheels -- it's been converted to rear-wheel drive because the all-wheel-drive system couldn't handle the power. It does the quarter mile in 9.3 seconds at 167 mph." Last year, this car hit 224 mph at the Texas Mile, and Djordjevic says he's ordered a new sixth gear from Ruf that will raise the top speed to 270 mph. I suggest that perhaps 1243 hp might be a little much for a two-lane road. Djordjevic agrees, which is why he's turned the boost down to 11.6 psi -- neutering the engine to a mere 750 hp. But the car is stripped down to 2600 pounds, so it'll probably still get out of its own way.

Finally amongst the heavy hitters, there's a Dodge Viper ACR, brought by old chum Mark Gillies from Car and Driver. The Viper's results won't count because it fails tech inspection. The rules stipulate a tire treadwear rating of at least 100, and the Viper's borderline-slick Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires wear an 80 rating. I waste no time commiserating with Gillies, which is to say, teasing him about it. "Hey," I say, "You'd better find some shade. Your tires are melting." He replies with a colorful bit of British slang, as he is wont to do.

Gillies brought the only Viper here, which might not be a coincidence. Back in 2002, early on the first day of the Virginia City Hill Climb, two people set off up the hill in a Viper. They didn't make it to the top.

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