2011 New Cars: Asia

Brian Konoske

Honda CR-Z

New: A fresh approach to recapturing the CRX's essence.

Noteworthy: Honda has turned to a hybrid powertrain to modernize the frugal fun of the 1980s CRX. With a continuously variable transmission, the CR-Z delivers 35/39 mpg city/highway, but you'll want the six-speed manual (which drops fuel economy to 31/37 mpg) for a significantly more engaging experience. Despite the added weight of the batteries and the electric motor, Honda has managed to keep the CR-Z's weight at an impressively low 2637 pounds, which makes for a tossable little two-seater

On sale: Now
BASE PRICE: $19,950
Specs: 1.5L I-4/electric hybrid, 122 hp, 123 lb-ft; front-wheel drive

The Twitter Feed:
The CR-Z may live up to the CRX ethos, but we're still hoping for a hotter Si model.

The best execution to the completely the wrong solution. I hope Nissan will build us a new power plants in every state, to recharge the thousands of cars and upgrade the distribution grid, the transformer stations, the transformers on the streets and upgrades the electric meter and service in every household, where cars have to be charged up.
Misguided design, looking for misguided buyers.
It should be a prudent to be detached from the brainwash and false promises politicians disseminate about the auto industry. The Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf are NOT the cars of the future, they are the cars of the misled designers and less than 15 years from now, the statement will look stupid. Vehicles carrying heavy batteries with very limited energy density are PRIMITIVE. The cars of the future either pick up energy from a grid in the streets or have energy storage density at least comparable to the present gas or diesel cars.
First of all, there is no such word as "weaved". The correct word is "woven". With the LFA, Toyota builds a car that virtually no one can own. There hasn't been a well designed, sporty Toyata since the baby Ferrari-looking MR2. Granted, cars are tools, but do Toyotas have nothing in their design kit bag? Their cars are bland and unexciting.
AGAIN, the US doesn't get the best model, the GT. The UK has been getting hot rodded Hondas for a long time. Who is telling Honda Americans won't buy it if they bring it? I assure you, I won't even consider this car until it is equal to it's own UK sibling.

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