Following My Father's Footsteps In A 2011 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe

Martyn Goddard

We're on impeccably maintained roads in flat, pretty countryside, much of it dotted with giant wind turbines, as we head toward Straelen, Germany, which RJD reached, "part of the way, anyway, in a new method of transportation, amphibious 'Ducks,' 2 -ton, 6 x 6's, which were roomy and comfortable riding."

29 March 1945: During our stay in Straelen, the very successful attack across the Rhine River was launched, on 24 March, by the 30th and 79th Divisions. The rear was privileged to witness the unrelenting and constant air support on its way to aid the attack of our ground forces. At 1300 on 26 March, we moved to the German town of Alpen. Again we were established in one half of a duplex house. Our accommodations in this setup were the best ever.

We roll into Kamp-Lintfort, near Alpen, at 8 p.m., park the Cadillac and the Vauxhall, and get rooms at Zur Post, which provides us the best meal we've had since we left Normandy. I've been having a good time in the CTS-V on the smooth, tree-lined roads in northwest Germany, but I'm getting antsy for unrestricted autobahn.

9 April 1945: We made a motor march, a long and fairly smooth one, to Hameln, Germany, on the Weser River. Our location in Hameln, of Pied Piper fame, was a former OCS setup, and luxurious it was. The first day was spent in looting the warehouse, which had a complete stock of quartermaster equipment of all kinds...Great stores of cognac, wine, and assorted liquors were also found and imbibed with effects ranging from pleasant to disastrous.

(Right: British vet Eddie Moore)

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