Peter Brock: The Prodigy

Brock's Greatest Hits

El Mirage: Brock's high-school ride, a chopped and channeled '46 Ford with a Cadillac V-8, won the custom class at the 1955 Oakland Roadster Show - and inspired the graphics package of the Brock-penned Shelby GT350.

Cadet: This GM exercise - a rear-engine, two-seat 1956 design on a 67-inch wheelbase - was green-lighted by design czar Harley Earl and later took larger form as the 1960 Corvair.

Sting Ray racer: This 1957 styling exercise initiated by Bill Mitchell was transferred onto the spare Corvette SS chassis as a roadster (above) and later morphed into the production '63 Corvette Sting Ray.

Cobra Daytona Coupe: The enclosed version of the Cobra roadster won its class at Le Mans in 1964 and the GT championship in 1965. It went on to set twenty-three land-speed records on the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Hino Samurai: The slick mid-engine GT on a LeGrand chassis featured Brock's "ring airfoil," a Ferrari F40-style movable rear wing in 1967.

Toyota JP6: This gorgeous wedged-shaped GT built in collaboration with chassis engineer Trevor Harris in '68 was stillborn when Brock lost his Toyota contract to Shelby.

Triumph TR250K: This one-off design concept for British Leyland was raced at Sebring in 1968 by Triumph team manager Kas Kastner and later inspired the wedge shape of the TR7.

Datsun 2000: The first collaboration between BRE and Nissan gave the Japanese automaker a road-racing championship in 1969 with driver Frank Monise.

Datsun 240Z: With Mr. K's enthusiastic backing, BRE enlisted the even faster John Morton and the brand-new Z-Car to up the ante against rivals Porsche and Triumph, winning two consecutive SCCA national titles in 1970 and '71.

Datsun 510: Morton, Brock, and the 510 defeat the likes of Alfa Romeo and BMW to score back-to-back 2.5 Challenge Trans-Am titles in 1971 and '72, marking the apogee of BRE's success. BRE 510s also set class records at Bonneville and in NHRA competition.

Shelby Can-Am: Brock was hired by Carroll Shelby in 1991 to create the body for the SCCA's high-performance, low-cost, Dodge-powered spec racer.

Brock Coupe: Brock was responsible for Superformance's modern take on the shape of his iconic Cobra Daytona Coupe; the new car debuted in 2003.

Aerovault: BRE's production aluminum race-car trailer, which went on sale in 2008, retails for $17,900 and is lighter, more aerodynamic, and just plain cooler than the competition.

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I read the article on Peter Brock about how he sketched the drawings that would become the 63 corvete. The reference to the rederings caught my interest. I actually have two original renderings one dated 10-20-1957 using blue pencil a second dated 10-18-57 drawn in red pencil. one represents the 50's model the second the 67 model. Any idea's who I could contact to learn more about these drawings.

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