Five Supercharged Tuner Camaros

2010 Callaway SC572 Camaro
Price: $48,785
Power: 572 hp, 541 lb-ft of torque
Availability: Package can be installed on any 2010 Camaro SS.

Callaway Cars, located in Old Lyme, Connecticut, has been in the business of tuning vehicles since 1977. Over the years, it has worked its magic on models from BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Aston Martin, and Porsche. More recently though, Callaway has focused its efforts primarily on Chevrolet products, including the Camaro and Corvette.

The Connecticut-based Chevy tuner builds a single version of the Camaro, which is very closely matched to the expected output of the upcoming Z28. The stock powerplant remains intact, but gets a healthy bump in horsepower from a bolted on Magnuson TVS2300 supercharger. The boosted engine produces 572 hp and 541 lb-ft of torque at a moderate 7 psi of boost. A new air intake and low-restriction exhaust enhances engine breathing while high-flow injectors improve fuel delivery. Callaway says the car can run the quarter mile in just 11.94 seconds, while a sprint from 0 to 60 mph takes just 3.9 seconds.

Aesthetic alterations are kept to a minimum, but there are a few additions worth mentioning. A set of exterior badges, a dash plaque with engraved VIN, door sill plates, and embroidered floor mats and head rests come standard with the package.

Callaway has two options with regards to suspension tuning. It offers adjustable or non-adjustable dampers, both with Eibach springs. A set of beefed-up front and rear stabilizer bars comes bundled with either choice and, if you're into road racing, Callaway offers upgraded six-piston calipers in the front and four-piston calipers in the rear that grab hold of 14-inch rotors.

Callaway is sufficiently confident in its upgrades that the company offers a 3 year/ 36,000 mile warranty. Callaway offers the necessary hardware to transform a 2010 Camaro SS into its SC572 from its website and recommends an authorized shop perform the install. If that's too much trouble, there are several Chevrolet dealers that have new SC572s sitting on their lots just waiting for a buyer.

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