Mobile Masterpieces: The History of BMW's Art Cars

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1990 BMW 735i by Cesar Manrique

BMW Art Car # 10 - 1990 730i by Cesar Manrique

While Kayama was busy tending to a 535i, BMW simultaneously had Spanish artist Cesar Manrique a large 730i sedan to paint has he so desired.

Manrique viewed cars as an essential part of our daily lives, and a major contributor to how the world around us is shaped. As such, he wanted to create an appealing car that, in his words, “united in one single object the perception of speed and aerodynamics with the concept of aesthetics.”

“Therefore, my idea was to design the BMW in such a way as to give the impression of it effortlessly gliding without any resistance,” he noted.

We’d argue Manrique succeeded. His 7 is adorned with colorful shapes that are, amazingly, both fluidic yet rigidly geometric. The long, flowing lines on several shapes help draw attention towards the back of the car, creating the appearance of movement. We particularly love how the void of the elongated grille flows into a black section that arcs over the wheel wells, and reappears to wrap around the rear valance panel.

Interesting tradition from BNW. my favorite is the 92 3-series(#13), but the old flame motif in the 82 (#3) is nicely done too. The design in #15 must have been thought up the night before. interesting article.
Very well written and researched article!!
Great article!! I never thought of cars as art but this discussion helped me to appreciate what these artists did. Very cool!

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