What: Ferrari's next hyperexpensive, hyperexclusive halo.
When: 2013

It took more than three decades (and his wife's death) for Enzo Ferrari to officially acknowledge his extramarital son, Piero Lardi Ferrari. Piero is now deputy chairman of the Italian automaker and owns ten percent of the company, but if there's any lingering doubt of his belonging in the family, it should be banished by 2013. That's when Piero joins his father and half brother, Dino, with a Maranello-made sports car bearing his name.

Based on our spy illustration (right), you may have guessed that the Ferrari Piero is the successor to the 2002-2004 Enzo and follows closely to the same formula: a mid-mounted engine, carbon-fiber construction, and a price of well over half a million dollars. But there's also something different, and it's a big deal: turbocharging. In an effort to increase performance -- the Enzo made 650 hp and ran to 60 mph in 3.1 seconds -- and reduce emissions, Ferrari will certainly lower displacement and will likely drop the cylinder count below twelve. Of course, engineers are also looking for places to cut mass, which could mean a sub-3000-pound curb weight for the Piero.

Turbochargers?! Boosting isn't a new thing for Ferrari -- both the 288GTO and the F40 used twin-turbocharged V-8s -- but this time it's about power and fuel economy. Ferrari will look for mild performance gains while making significant strides in consumption and emissions.

599 GTO
What: A road-going version of Ferrari's track-only 599XX.
When: Mid-2010
Yours To Keep: Ferrari's 599XX touts improved aerodynamics, more power, and less weight than the plebeian 599 GTB Fiorano. The only problem is that Ferrari treats the car as a racing development program, so you can purchase the 599XX, but you can't have one. Instead, ownership merely gives you license to drive the car at Ferrari-organized track events. The 599 GTO solves that by reinstalling the necessities for a street-legal car while still leaving 661 hp of the 599XX's 690 hp intact. Compared with the 599 GTB, the limited-production GTO also boasts a lighter weight at 3296 pounds, faster shifts, and a 3.4-second 0-to-62-mph sprint.

2010: 458 Italia goes on sale in America, 599GTO launches.
2011: 612 Scaglietti replacement debuts.
2012: 458 Italia Spider arrives with a retractable hard top.
2013: Ferrari Piero sells to a few hundred lucky, very wealthy buyers.
2014: Lighter and more powerful Scuderia model arrives at the tail end of the 458 Italia's life cycle.

FIAT 500
Fiat's first contribution to the U.S. market arrives by the end of this year in the form of the diminutive 500. Although the 500 will look very much like the European version, it will have actually received many changes for this market, including a reinforced unibody with improved crashworthiness and refinement. The convertible arrives in 2011, followed by the high-performance Abarth and an electric model in 2012.

Not For Everyone: Only certain Chrysler dealerships, namely those near urban centers, will market the 500.

I hope most of these car do come in prodution. The Lambogahi limo get in Production too. Let hope.

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