Warning: the information and images on the following pages might antagonize you to no end. As you read about the most anticipated cars of the next four years, you might become frustrated by wanting what you can't yet have. Just remember -- good things come to those who wait. For now, dig in to the details, the spy photos, the informed illustrations, and the future-teasing concepts of our annual Sneak Preview. Thanks to our probing questions and well-placed sources, there's plenty to dream about.

Alfa's U.S. return is still under review, so while we wait for word from Signore Marchionne, we can only dream about a few of our favorite Italian beauties.

MiTo: It may not be as cute as the Mini Cooper, but the Alfa hatchback exudes style that's unique not only in the subcompact segment but also in the American market. The range-topping 1.4-liter turbo four-cylinder makes 170 hp.

2uettottanta: Designed by Pininfarina and exhibited at the Geneva auto show, the open-top two-seater is a concept with roots in the Spider roadster of the 1960s. Sadly, the modern Spider is front-wheel drive.

Giulietta: Alfa's newest product comes in performance Cloverleaf trim with a dual-clutch transmission and a 235-hp four-cylinder engine. Hidden rear doors make the sleek subcompact even sexier (see page 24).


What: A highfalutin crossover from Aston Martin wearing the badge of a revived British marque.
When: 2013
Dirt-track Aston? Like the 2009 concept, the production variant will be based on Mercedes-Benz GL-class mechanicals. Expect the concept's V-12 to be traded for something less exotic -- but don't worry, custom bodywork, a handcrafted interior, and meticulous assembly at Aston's U.K. facility will all be retained.

V12 Vantage
What: Aston's signature 510-hp V-12 in a V8 Vantage body.
When: Late 2010
Crashing The States: Originally launched as a Europe-only vehicle, the V12 Vantage challenged engineers to shoehorn a larger engine into the compact engine bay and still meet U.S. crash regulations. Their success means we'll get the power of a DBS at a huge discount.

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I hope most of these car do come in prodution. The Lambogahi limo get in Production too. Let hope.

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