Six Sweet Six-Figure Corvettes

N2A Anteros

Price: $149,500 and up
Power: 430 hp, 428 lb-ft (stock LS3 engine)
Claim to fame: You’ll never know a Vette lurks beneath -- unless you peek inside.

N2A is shorthand for "No Two Alike," and we'd have to say the mantra is fitting. The company's latest Corvette-based offering, the Anteros, is a far cry from its first, an odd amalgamation of '57, '58, and '59 Chevrolet design cues dubbed the "789."

Although the 789 is something of a novelty, the Anteros resembles a proper sports car. Yes, those haunches are a certainly chunky and the swage lines are a tad bit awkward, but the coupe's appearance reminds us of many great Gran Turismos from yesteryear. We can't help but see a little of Pete Brock's Cobra Daytona in its profile and a little Ferrari 250 TR in the front fascia, but the finished product is unique, and comes off as neither blatantly Italian nor American. Call this a modern-day Intermeccanica Torino, if you will.

N2A fancies itself as a coachbuilder, and we're not one to argue. The Anteros' body is made entirely of a carbon fiber composite, and takes nearly 800 hours to hand-build to completion. The car retains the stock C6 Corvette cockpit, but like the Callaway C16, the materials used within are well beyond what GM offers from the factory. N2A adds all-new bucket seats, and trims them -- along with the dash, interior panels, and virtually every touchable surface within -- with supple leathers.

Mulling a purchase? The Anteros transformation adds roughly $100,000 to any Corvette model. Coupes based on standard Corvettes start at $149,500, while LS3-powered convertibles begin at $154,400. Those who want an Anteros built upon a Z06 will need to shell out at least $176,000. Those prices buy only the bodywork, but N2A is more than happy to contract with another firm (i.e. Lingenfelter, Katech, or an engine tuner of your choice) to add a little power underhood for an extra fee.

Images courtesy of N2A

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