Best Four-Door Family-Oriented Sports Cars

So you're starting to get a little older and have added a couple members to your household. As a parent, most car trips seem to involve carting the kids to school or sports practice. However, you occasionally still find yourself testing the grip of your tires on the expressway on-ramp, followed by full-throttle acceleration to match -- or maybe even eclipse -- traffic speeds. It's time to shop for a new car that will accommodate your family, but under no circumstances are you willing to buy an SUV or minivan. You longingly remember the days when a blue-blooded sports car was parked in your driveway, but there's no way you'll be able to regularly drive one of those again (at least until the kids leave the house). But your life as an automotive enthusiast isn't over ... it's just time to consider an exciting four-door.

Our list of five hot four-door cars focuses primarily on sporty, powerful, and stylish vehicles. The requirements included exhilarating quickness, the ability to haul at least four people, and amenities for the entire family. We considered vehicles from several price ranges, although we chose only one from each price point. Behold Automobile Magazine's picks for the best four-door, family-oriented performance cars on the market today.

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Mmm, the GTI is great, but the Caddy hauls best. Too bad GM waited til MB's E63 Wagon was pulled from the US market. THAT would be an interesting match!
I had been thinking about picking up a four-door Golf TDI as my next car, but I think I'll change that order form to the GTI you have pictured here. This car rarely fails to put a smile on my face, has plenty of room for the kids (when they arrive in the next few years), and is mature (re: comfortable) enough to appease the wife to be. $25k well spent, in my opinion.
no BMW??
Why not the Jetta GLI??
And the best of all.... BMW M3 DCT Sedan

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