2010 February Auto Sales


Ford Motor Company +43%
We start off with Ford Motor Company because it was the number one auto company this month, just squeaking past GM by less than 500 units (142,006 to 141,535). Ford's total was a big gain from January (driven in part by fleet sales), while GM was slightly lower than last month. If Ford were to keep up this momentum it could potentially outsell GM for the whole year, something that hasn't happened in eighty years.
What's up
XC60 +184%
Fusion +117%
Milan +100%
V70/XC70 +99%
V50 +97%
Taurus +93%
Mustang +71%
Edge +67%
Grand Marquis +66%
C30 +64%
Expedition +58%
MKZ +54%
Escape +50%
Navigator +48%
F-series, Mariner +39%
Focus +38%
S40 +34%
Explorer +31%
E-series/Club Wagon +26%
Flex +19%
What's down
Mountaineer -30%
Crown Victoria -24%
MKX -13%
MKS -12%
S80 -1%

General Motors +12%, or, +33% for New GM (Buick-Cadillac-Chevrolet-GMC)
This month really showed the shrinkage effect of GM's dying brands. Pontiac and Saab each sold fewer than 100 cars; Hummer sold fewer than 300; Saturn fewer than 3000. Even during the grim February a year ago, with bankruptcy rumors swirling around GM, those four divisions sold more than 22,000 vehicles. But although GM is now much smaller, it is getting healthier. Witness the 33% gain in sales for the divisions that are continuing (lead by Buick, up 47%). Two behind-the-scenes factors helping the numbers are increased fleet sales and a return to at least some leasing, which GM effectively wasn't doing at all a year ago.
What's up
SRX +542%
LaCrosse +163%
Equinox +133%
HHR +82%
Cobalt +70%
Yukon XL +60%
Impala +50%
Acadia +36%
Express/G van +34%
Malibu, Aveo +32%
Avalanche +26%
Suburban +16%
Escalade (all) +14%
What's down
Sierra -2%
Traverse, Canyon -8%
Savana/G van -9%
CTS -18%
Tahoe, Colorado -26%
Yukon -31%
DTS -38%
Corvette -39%

Toyota Motor Sales -9%
Given the unrelenting stream of bad press for Toyota in February, it's surprising sales fell by only 9%. Toyota division alone was slightly worse: -15%. A modest 5% increase at Lexus helped. Scion, though, was no help at all, down -21% from last year. The Camry was off by 22%, which is nearly 10,000 units; it appears that those lost sales mostly benefitted the Fusion and the Accord. It's surprising that the Prius managed a modest increase. Most other Toyota gainers were redesigned models.
What's up
GX460 +186%
4Runner +55%
Venza +48%
LS +14%
Prius +10%
Tacoma +6%
What's down
Tundra -5%
Corolla/Matrix, xB, Land Cruiser -6%
IS -7%
RX -8%
ES350 -9%
LX570 -10%
Yaris -13%
FJ Cruiser -16%
GS -18%
RAV4 -19%
Camry -20%
Sienna -24%
xD -27%
Highlander -28%
tC -29%
Sequoia -55%
Avalon, SC460 -65%

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