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Mercedes-Benz has been expanding the availability of its all-wheel-drive system, which it calls 4Matic. First offered only on the mid-size E-class, it has since spread to the compact C-class and the large S-class. Recently, the big CL coupe has added 4Matic, and it's standard equipment on the CL550. The S-class offers awd as an option with this same "550" engine (a 5.5-liter V-8), but as with the CL, the V-12 and AMG versions are rear-drive only. The E-class has the most extensive offerings, with 4Matic available in the sedan with either the V-8 (E550) or the gasoline V-6 (E350), but not the diesel engine or the AMG V-8. All E350 wagons have 4Matic, but the E63 AMG wagon is rear-wheel drive. Finally, the C-class sedan offers 4Matic with the smaller engine (C300) only.

Price: $112,575
AWD cost: standard
City/Hwy MPG: 14/21
AWD penalty: n/a

S550 4Matic
Price: $96,475
AWD cost: $3000 (vs. S550)
City/Hwy MPG: 14/21
AWD penalty: 1 mpg city, 2 mpg hwy

E350/E550 4Matic sedan
Price: $51,975/$59,675 (E350/E550)
AWD cost: $2500 both (vs. E350/E550)
City/Hwy MPG: 16/24 (E350), 15/23 (E550)
AWD penalty: 3 mpg city, 3 mpg hwy (E350); 1 mpg city, 1 mpg hwy (E550)

C300 4Matic
Price: $38,175/$38,295 (Lux/Sport)
AWD cost: $2000/$3500 (vs. C300 Lux/Sport)
City/Hwy MPG: 18/25
AWD penalty: 1 mpg hwy

An AWD Lambo, just perfect for when it snows in Dubai.....

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