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In recent years, Cadillac has refashioned its cars and reworked its lineup to make itself a direct competitor to the German luxury makes. With regard to all-wheel drive, it has patterned its offerings after BMW. So Cadillac offers all-wheel drive with either engine on the CTS (Cadillac's 3-series competitor), although you lose the option of a manual transmission. On the STS (Caddy's 5-series rival), all-wheel drive is available with the V-6 or the V-8.

Price: $38,365/$43,465 (3.0/3.6)
AWD cost: $3200/$1360 (vs. RWD 3.0/RWD 3.6)
City/Hwy MPG: 18/26 (3.0); 18/27 (3.6)
AWD penalty: 1 mpg hwy (3.0); none (3.6)

CTS Wagon
Price: $40,165/$45,265 (3.0/3.6)
AWD cost: $1900 both
City/Hwy MPG: 18/26 both
AWD penalty: 1 mpg hwy (3.0); none (3.6)

Price: $49,140/$70,335 (V-6 AWD/V-8 Luxury Performance Package AWD)
AWD cost: $2295 (vs. V-6 RWD) / $1550 (vs. V-8 Luxury Performance Package)
City/Hwy MPG: 18/27 (V-6), 15/22 (V-8)
AWD penalty: none (V-6), 2 mpg hwy (V-8)

An AWD Lambo, just perfect for when it snows in Dubai.....

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