Top Five Fuel-Friendly People Movers

Sam Smith

We live in a complicated world. Important decisions are rarely easy. Information is widely available (thank you, International University of Google), but it's also widely misused. Few people live their lives without compromise, and few products -- cars included -- make it from blueprint to reality without a bit of sacrificed vision or capability.

Don't agree? Try finding a car or truck that both seats a large family and tops 20 mpg in city driving. It's not easy, and for good reason: People-movers -- vans, SUVs, and large wagons -- exist solely to move large quantities of humans and cargo across the map, and that purpose seldom jibes with the needs of Greenpeace or the polar ice caps. A high curb weight, trucklike durability, and bags of torque may warm the corners of a bus driver's heart, but they're not exactly the stuff of Al Gore's dreams.

Thankfully, we've got your back. Need three rows but don't want to fall on your sword at the pump? Look no further. In the name of brevity, we've limited this list to vehicles that hold six people or more; we also considered practicality and the fun-to-drive factor, eliminating such things as one-off cargo vans and third-row-seat cheaters (i.e., anything with six seats but little room for full-size adults). Here are the five most efficient people-movers on the market. Happy green parenting!

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