First Look: Honda Skydeck Concept

October 9, 2009
0910 11 Z+honda Skydeck Concept+front Three Quarter View
If the EV-N and EV Cub concepts are a blast out of Honda's past, the Skydeck concept, which also debuts at the 2009 Tokyo motor show, is almost like looking into the future.
A hybrid MPV, the Skydeck is similar in size and shape to the current Stream (a seven-passenger MPV that's not sold in North America), but carries a futuristic aura that suggests it's not from this millennium. Styling cues from Honda's hybrid concepts, including the FC Sport and CR-Z, are present, but the Skydeck has a few unique tricks of its own - notably the front scissor and rear sliding doors.
The Skydeck's interior is just as advanced as its exterior. The lightweight seats use a wooden frame, with mesh fabrics forming the actual seating surfaces. A similar fabric is used to cover the instrument panel and door panels. A full-length glass roof, along with white trim panels, help give the cabin a natural, airy feel.
Powering the Skydeck is a version of Honda's Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) hybrid technology -- an advanced powertrain, sure, but not quite as wild as the styling of the concept suggests. Because the Skydeck is a six-seat MPV, Honda placed many of the hybrid components within the center tunnel, which allows for a larger cabin and helps to lower the vehicle's center of gravity.


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