Toyota Hydrogen Hybrid Available In 2015

Rex Roy

"Toyota's hydrogen fuel cell technology has advanced rapidly over the last two years," said Irv Miller, Toyota group vice president, environmental and public affairs. "In 2015, our plan is to bring to market a reliable and durable fuel cell vehicle with exceptional fuel economy and zero emissions, at an affordable price."

To show the state of Toyota's hydrogen program, a hydrogen fuel cell, electric-powered Toyota Highlander achieved an estimated range of 431 miles on a single full tank of compressed hydrogen gas in a recent test run. The crossover racked up an average fuel economy of 68.3 miles/kg during a day-long trip down the southern California coast.

During this in-field test held in June, the Highlander Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle (officially referred to as the FCHV-adv) was evaluated by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Savannah River National Laboratory (SNRL) and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). The goal was to conduct a collaborative evaluation of the real world driving range of the FCHV-adv.

On Tuesday, June 30, two fuel cell vehicles carried two Toyota Technical Center engineers, an SRNL engineer and a NREL engineer as they completed a 331.5 mile extended round trip drive between Torrance, California and San Diego. "This evaluation of the FCHV-adv demonstrates not only the rapid advances in fuel cell technology, but also the viability of this technology for the future," said Jared Farnsworth, Toyota Technical Center advanced powertrain engineer.

The drive began at a Toyota facility in Torrance, traveled north to Santa Monica, turned south to San Diego and finally retraced the route back to Torrance. In an effort to emulate a typical California commute, the route encompassed a variety of drive cycles, including high-speed highway driving, moderate-speed highway driving, and stop and go traffic on surface streets. Each vehicle was outfitted with a data collection system that captured vehicle speed, distance traveled, hydrogen consumed, hydrogen tank pressure, temperature, and internal tank volume.

Total driving range data from each vehicle was calculated by SRNL and NREL engineers. The results were averaged for an estimated range of 431 miles, with an average fuel economy of 68.3 miles/kg.

During a recent interview with the head of General Motor's fuel-cell program director, Jon Beriesa, he told us that the sixth-generation Chevrolet Equinox hydrogen hybrid is capable of 300 miles. Beriesa's group continues to work at increasing their system's range while reducing the system's size and cost.

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Jessie Janson
no, its safer because the gas is gas, and disperses if the tank gets a hole in it. where the 'gas' we use now stays liquid and stays flamable. you can also include injection systems to inject a chemical that makes the gas no longer burn. but overall, people said the same thing about the cars we drive today, "you want us to drive around with explosives under us??"
I was under the impression that only large busses could use hydrogen for safety purposes as they allow a lot of crushing room in the event of an accident.  A scuba tank full of hydrogen under your car would take our an entire city block if ruptured in an accident??
How hard would it be to be competitive in the Auto industry again?  Can we as a people make the Oil industry understand that they are soon gone forever and that the sooner their is no gas engines the better it is for this country of ours, for our children and our reputation to the next generation instead of being the greedy CEO's of the 2000's, one man will shine above the rest. And those oil CEO's will tell their children they knew he was on the right track. And all the pictures of oil companies working behind the scenes making lithium batteries harder to ship, trying to keep the car of the year by motor trend in California the Tesla Model S by banning it in Texas and all the southern states who have always been afraid of change all this wasted effort of American millionaires fighting amounst themselves while Toyota takes all the profits bravo once again we are the worlds laughing stocks. I've had HHO for two years I get 47 miles per gallon on my V6  and so are many others except the American auto industry they prefer to Put the old 350 into a new designed corevett SNORE they're new car is really a old car.Its always been the people of this country that makes it great not the Republicans /Government we had had smart business people but they turned in they're smarts for greed it is sad that companies like GE. Ford don't pay any taxes that the American economy is in the toilet matters not to these rich punks our companies used to care about how they look those days are over    

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