2010 Toyota Prius

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Andrew Trahan

I drove the Toyota Prius for the first time and, uh, I'm thinking of buying one.

I know. I know! The Prius represents everything many auto enthusiasts love to hate. But my girlfriend drives more than 100 miles a day, meaning she could actually benefit from the exceptional fuel economy. The young lady, a financial analyst by trade, quickly calculated the potential savings and inquired why I had never so much as mentioned the Prius during our car-buying discussions. The obvious answer, "Because it's not a car guy's car," didn't sway her.

What the Prius is, is a roomy, comfortable car that gets great gas mileage. And it isn't even all that bad to drive as far as front-wheel-drive, four-cylinder, mid-size cars go. Sure, there are some nerdy quirks, such as the weird texturing on the hard plastic dash and an awkwardly designed shifter. But for a base price of $22,750 (there's no way I'd consider one equipped to our test car's $26,550), the Prius is a perfectly reasonable option.

David Zenlea, Assistant Editor

YES!!! The seats in the Prius are the worst!Before I purchased my 2010 Prius back in October of 2010, I owned a 2008 Honda Fit Sport which had INCREDIBLE seats! I have always owned Honda's and love their small, lightly padded seats that held me in all the right places, a perfect driving position despite the lack of a telescopic steering wheel, and perfect place for my elbow to rest near the side window...not so with the Prius. the seats are way too wide, way too padded, the steering wheel doesn't come out far enough...I have long legs and shorter arms. AND the worst part is that it's impossible to rest my elbow comfortably because the panel next to the side window is too high! Get better seats and the Prius would be perfect!

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