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Like a shark, DeMuro never stops moving. "You're not going to see anything sitting still," he say, goosing the throttle. He goes wherever the lights let him (and sometimes where they won't), swerving onto side streets, doubling back along shortcuts, and ducking into mall parking lots at regular intervals. He drives confidently and aggressively, liberally using his horn, constantly working the Tiptronic and darting into openings in traffic. Early on, I lose track of how many moving violations he commits. But even on those rare occasions when we're in full-on chase mode, DeMuro never does anything stupid or dangerous.

At 7:16, he collects a Phantom going in the opposite direction. ("That's the new one, with the new wheels.") At 7:31 p.m., as the light fades, he spots an R8. ("I'd recognize those headlights anywhere.") At 7:42 p.m., he zeroes in on a black Dodge Viper, shooting it blind out the open sunroof. ("Out the top is preferable, actually, because I can rest the camera on the roof.")

Like any big-game hunter, DeMuro has a few empty spaces on his wall - for an F50, an F40, and a 288GTO among modern Ferraris; a Saleen S7; a McLaren F1; a Chevrolet Corvette ZR1; a Tesla Roadster. Other than that, he says: "I've seen pretty much all I want to see. But at this point, it's not even about the cars. I just love driving, and it keeps my love of cars going. My friends understand that if they want to hang out with me, they're not going to sit in my room. They're going to be in my car out in Buckhead. It's become a litmus test for girlfriends."

DeMuro swings his camera into position to snag an early '90s Bentley Continental with honorary diplomatic plates in the Ritz-Carlton parking lot. Then he hangs a right on Peachtree and resumes his vigil. Somewhere out there, somebody is driving something he's never seen before. And sooner or later, he's going to have it in his crosshairs.

Top carspotting Web sites Founded in 2005, this is the best-known site in the United States. Its name notwithstanding, this site is based in Germany. Another site with a strong international flavor. Open to all exotics, this is where DeMuro usually posts. Features tuner cars as well as exotics.

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