The Ex-Wall Streeter's Guide to Recession Rides

Instead of: a 2009 Hummer H2, consider: a 2009 Jeep Commander

Big, bad, and blocky, the Hummer H2 appeals to the same primal male sensibilities that have spurred the purchases of big, blocky, stainless steel gas grills and sixty-inch plasma TVs. Adding to the fun, an H2 is also a rolling riposte to Toyota Prius-driving scolds who frown upon your expansive lifestyle. But if an H2 suddenly seems too pricey (and an H3 is too small), consider Jeep. This is another brand that fairly oozes machismo, and like Hummer, it was born of a military heritage. The Jeep Commander is nearly as big as an H2 and just about as blocky; it can be piloted with the same 'tude. The Jeep may be a few hundred pounds lighter, but it's still an imposing machine, and rest assured that its upright styling and available Hemi V-8 (a must) make no concessions to wimpy concerns like fuel economy or global warming. The Commander's off-road ability is genuine, and it will tow or haul as well as the Hummer. Dress it up right, with dark-colored wheels, auxiliary driving lights, chrome brush guards, and a serious roof rack, and you'll never miss the Hummer.

H2 Luxury pkg.: $71,440

Commander Overland 4x4: $46,490

Savings: $24,950

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