September Sales: The financial crisis looks worse than the fuel crisis

WHAT'S UP [by 10% or better]

The allure of the new
Overall, the list of models enjoying a sales bump due to redesign is much shorter than in past months.
Lexus LX570 +265%
Toyota Land Cruiser +14%
In absolute numbers, the volumes of these off-roaders is still very small; interestingly, sales of the Lexus version now far outsells the Land Cruiser.

Dodge Viper +258%
Again, small volumes - 86 cars sold this September versus 24 last year - make for a huge percentage jump.

Pontiac Vibe +91%
Not just new, but also a fuel sipper, and Employee-Priced to boot

Suzuki SX4 +80%
The addition of a sedan body style makes the SX4 a much more viable player.

Honda Fit +43%
The smallest Honda continues to make big gains.

Subaru Forester +28%
Toyota Sequoia +22%
Mercedes-Benz C-class +12%

Employee-Priced GM cars
Buick Enclave +27%
Chevy Impala +17%
Chevy HHR +14%

Fuel sippers (some, anyway)
Far fewer are posting significant gains.
Mazda5 +27% (a fuel sipper for big families)
Pontiac G5 +23%
VW Jetta +14% (gets a TDI boost)

Fleet favorites
GMC Savana +117%
Chevy Express +37%
Lincoln Town Car +69%
Chevy Malibu +68%
The redesigned Malibu has been popular all year, but this month's increase is, unfortunately, due to an increase in fleet sales.

And two that are defying gravity
Hyundai Sonata +32%
Maserati (all) +30%

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