NEWS: Cars of Death Race - Motorized Mayhem

September 2, 2008
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Making road rage to a whole new level, Death Race - a remake of the 1975 film Death Race 2000 - is scheduled to hit theaters at the end of August. From 20-mm Vulcan cannons to machine guns that fire 3000 rounds per minute, each of the movie's nine specially prepared cars has its own implement of automotive mayhem, courtesy of production designer Paul Austerberry. The cars were prepped so that stunts could be executed by a driver, by cables, or via remote control.
During filming, an entire building was converted into a full-service garage. Everything from a service lift to a spot welder was located on site in order to replace axles, repair engines, or fix anything that broke on a daily basis. To protect the drivers, roll cages were added, harnesses were installed, and gas tanks were replaced with a fuel cell the size of a breadbox.
In choosing the cars for the movie, director Paul W. S. Anderson wanted each to be unique and to be recognizable in the dark, grungy prison setting. "We took a year to design nine different cars. I didn't want too many old cars. I didn't want too many modern cars. I wanted to have different silhouettes, different feels to them."
That grungy environment wasn't so easy to come by in Montreal, where the movie was filmed. According to Anderson, the trees and cleanliness of Montreal's Formula 1 track, which was the first set option, just didn't say "Death Race." One walk around the dilapidated, abandoned warehouses in the same city, and Anderson knew he'd found his American rustbelt environment, circa 2020.
The Cars:
2006 Ford Mustang GT
2004 Dodge Ram 1500
1966 Buick Riviera
1980 Porsche 911
1989 Jaguar XJS
2006 Chrysler 300C
1972 Buick Riviera
1979 Pontiac Trans Am
1989 BMW 735i


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