2008 Chevrolet Equinox Fuel Cell Diary - Recycling Hydrogen

July 15, 2008
Day 13
0807 05 Z+2008 Chevrolet Equinox Fuel Cell+electrolyzation Area
For my final fill-up, I head to the GM facility because I have no range to spare and can't afford to take a chance with the pump in White Plains. Unlike the White Plains station, which creates its hydrogen on-site by electrolyzing water, hydrogen is trucked in to the GM facility. This hydrogen, though, is industrial "flash-off" that would otherwise be vented into the atmosphere. Certain industrial processes create hydrogen as a byproduct; currently most of that hydrogen is simply exhausted. GM estimates that if it were captured, it would be enough to fuel 2 million hydrogen fuel cell cars traveling 15,000 miles per year.


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