2008 Chevrolet Equinox Fuel Cell Diary - Day Four

July 15, 2008
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Day 4
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After the upstate excursion and two runs into town, range is showing 20 miles, so it's time to head off to the refueling station, 15 miles away. Once the remaining range drops to 15 miles, the readout says only LOW RANGE, so I don't know how many miles I have left when I roll into the station, but it's probably not many. I've squeezed 185.6 miles out of that tank, and considering that each engine start - and I've done about seven - consumes a few miles' worth of fuel, I've bumped up against the 200-mile maximum range estimate.
The hydrogen that flows into the Equinox at the White Plains refueling station is created when electricity (from the local utility, Con Edison) electrolyzes city tap water. The process takes place in a fenced-off area on the same site as the refueling pump, in the White Plains municipal vehicle lot. I pump 5 kilograms of hydrogen into the car, and at an indicated price of $6 per kilogram, it's a $30 fill-up.


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