Sketches of Baby Rolls-Royce Released

May 27, 2008
0805 01z+2010 Rolls Royce RR4+rear Three Quarters View Artists Sketch
Although it's two years away from launching such a model, Rolls-Royce unveiled sketches that preview its upcoming "baby Rolls," codenamed RR4.
From what we can glean from these artistic renderings, the RR4's design - originally penned back in 2007 - seems more dynamic than the brick-like stance of the Phantom. Albeit a sedan, we see some hints of the new 2009 Phantom Coupe, particularly in how the car's C-pillar flows into the rear fenders.
0805 02z+2010 Rolls Royce RR4+side View Artists Sketch
Despite the visual similarities, the RR4 isn't supposed to share much with its big brother; rather, the smaller car is said to be more "driver-oriented" and will carry an all-new engine underhood.
Engineering work on that motor - along with the entire RR4 - is currently underway, with Rolls targeting a 2010 introduction for the car. Although it will carry a smaller footprint than the standard Phantom, don't expect the RR4 to necessarily be an "entry-level" Roller. Rolls-Royce officials say the car will sit alongside the Phantom in its portfolio, meaning it could easily carry just as steep of a pricetag.


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