Prodrive Builds 2008 Alfa Romeo Brera S for British Roads

How would you modify an Alfa Romeo Brera? If you're British racing and tuning firm Prodrive, you tune the sleek Italian coupe for the twisties - and it did just that with the new 2008 Alfa Romeo Brera S.

Prodrive fitted the Brera S with new Eibach coil springs, Bilstein dampers, a revised steering rack and anti-roll bars. The springs lower the car by 10 mm and are 50% stiffer than those on a stock Brera.

In order to keep the car light, Prodrive used hollow anti-roll bars and incorporated aluminum parts, like the lightweight 19" alloy wheels (patterned after those of the 8C Competezione). Its efforts are fruitful - the Brera S weighs in at 77 to 220 pounds less than the stock coupe.

Outside of a new exhaust system, Prodrive didn't touch the stock powertrain. The S is available with the 185-hp 2.2-liter I-4 or the 260-hp 3.2-liter V-6. Both produce respectable numbers, but we hoped Prodrive would have upped the ante under the hood.

Enticing as the Brera S sounds, it won't make its way stateside when Alfa Romeo revives its U.S. operations. We hear only 500 examples of the Brera S will be built - and only for the British market.

Brandon DeLeo
It looks like a Plymouth Prowler got hit by the ugly train.
Jason Mosery
It's so ugly!
Mehrnoosh Mojtahedi
That's so ugly
Dennis San Vicente
Could see many drivers clip the inside apex/curb with the inside rear wheel, every time.
Bruce Miller
It looks horrible don't like it!!!
Stephen Abbott
I'm a fan of Extreme Innovation and it's about time for some radical changes to the auto industry.
Wei Bing
Banjo Castro
Looks liike their last entry in Le Mans...
Edward Colón
With such a narrow front wheel track, it must understeer around the corners as if the road were covered with jello.

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