Bentley's Arnage Drophead Coupe Concept Approved for Production.

June 6, 2005
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Continuing a long tradition of big Bentley convertibles, the Arnage Drophead Coup, which debuted as a concept at this year's Los Angeles auto show, has been approved for production. The stunning status symbol will utilize the Arnage R's 6.7-liter, 450-hp, twin-turbo V-8.
The Drophead Coup is intended to be Bentley's flagship and will be priced accordingly. Expect it to cost at least $315,000 when the first cars leave the factory next spring. That money secures, among other goodies, a three-layer canvas top and pop-up roll bars.
Perhaps more important, however, is the fact that Bentley has beaten Rolls-Royce to the punch. If Rolls had quickly green-lighted the 100EX concept from the 2004 Geneva show-which it still hasn't done-it initially would have had this potentially profitable niche of the convertible market to itself. Instead, it'll be the Drophead Coup that's turning heads first.
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