The 67 Hottest New Cars For 2015

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Buying a new car is, for most of us, a very big deal. It requires wading through marketing spiels, braving the assault of the showroom, and then slaving for years to make the payments. But that feeling when you climb into a new car—your new car—for the first time and peel out of the dealer lot? Priceless. Over the following pages, we present our utterly subjective list of the new cars we are most excited about for 2015. Buying a new car can also be an adventure, as some of our own experiences at the dealership prove. Share yours at or via email to We also have tips and insider knowledge about the car-shopping process to help guide you along your way.

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Though volume sedans and budget people movers dominate this bracket, there's still fun to be head with the likes of Mustang and Mini. Click here to read more, or pick a car from the list below.

Jeep Renegade -- $19,500 (est.)
Volkswagen Golf and Golf Sportwagen -- $18,815
Honda Fit -- $16,315
Chevrolet Trax -- $19,500 (est.)
Ford Mustang -- $24,425
Toyota Camry -- $24,000 (est.)
Hyundai Sonata -- $21,960
Hyundai Veloster Turbo R-Spec -- $22,110
Honda HR-V -- $19,900 (est.)
Chrysler 200 -- $22,695
Chevrolet Colorado -- $21,000 (est.)
Mini Cooper/Cooper S -- $20,745/$24,395
Mini Hardtop 4-Door Cooper/Cooper S -- $21,745/$25,395
Subaru Legacy -- $22,490

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Now we're talking. GTI, WRX, and the Dodge boys show up here, along with an Edge-y crossover or two and--gasp!--a minivan. Click here to read more, or pick a car from the list below.

Volkswagen GTI S -- $25,215
Dodge Challenger -- $27,990
Dodge Charger -- $28,500 (est.)
Nissan Murano -- $29,000 (est.)
Ford Edge -- $29,000 (est.)
Subaru WRX -- $27,090
Kia Sedona -- $27,000 (est.)
Ford F-150 -- $26,615
Subaru Outback -- $25,745

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Welcome to the near luxury realm, loaded with loaded crossovers, several serious sedans, and “coupes” of the 2- and 4-door variety. Click here to read more, or pick a car from the list below.

Lincoln MKC -- $33,995
Audi A3 -- $30,795
Cadillac ATS Coupe -- $38,990
Acura TLX -- $31,890
Subaru WRX STI -- $35,290
Nissan Maxima -- $33,000 (est.)
Lexus RC -- $45,000 (est.)
Hyundai Genesis -- $38,950
Lexus NX -- $36,000 (est.)
Mercedes-Benz C-Class -- $39,325
Audi Q3 -- $33,425
Volvo XC90 -- $49,825
Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class -- $32,225
Land Rover Discovery Sport -- $38,000 (est.)
Chevrolet Tahoe/Suburban, GMC Yukon/Denali -- $45,890
BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe -- $41,225
BMW X4 -- $45,625

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Now for some serious hardware. Everything from Hellcats to a curvaceous Cat coupe, M-badged menaces to a Macan —even a killer Korean?! Click here to read more, or pick a car from the list below.

Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat -- $60,900
BMW M3/M4 -- $62,925/$65,125
Alfa Romeo 4C -- $55,195
Jaguar F-Type Coupe -- $65,925
Chevrolet Corvette Z06 -- $78,995
Kia K900 -- $60,400
Porsche Boxster GTS/Cayman GTS -- $74,495/$76,195
Porsche Macan -- $50,895
Volvo S60 Polestar/V60 Polestar -- $60,225/$61,825
BMW X6 -- $62,850
Lincoln Navigator -- $62,475
Cadillac Escalade -- $72,690

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Big-bucks ballers, whip out your wallets. The Bentley boys, a spaceship Bimmer, and a 911 with an impossibly complicated roof all play here. Click here to read more, or pick a car from the list below.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class coupe -- $120,000 (est.)
BMW i8 -- $136,625
Bentley Continental V8 S -- $199,225
Bentley Flying Spur V8 -- $197,825
Porsche 911 Targa -- $102,595
BMW B6 Alpina xDrive Gran Coupe -- $118,225

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Champagne wishes and Cavallino dreams. If you ever hit the lottery, these are the super-duper-hyper cars that will rock you like a Huracán. Click here to read more, or pick a car from the list below.

Ferrari California T -- $202,723
Porsche 918 Spyder -- $847,975
Lamborghini Huracan -- $240,245
McLaren 650S coupe/Spider -- $265,500/$280,225
Ferrari LaFerrari -- $1.4 million (est.)

Buying a new car can be an adventure. Click here to read about our experiences at the dealership.

Mark McDonald has been selling cars for 10 years. Click here to read his top tips for choosing and buying your next new car.

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