Full Feature: FWD Fasties

Seventh Place: 2007 Lincoln MKZ (13.2 lb/hp)Lincoln has had a tough time defining its image in the past few years. The LS was a good first step in moving its image away from the staid, old Town Car association - but when we think Lincoln, we hardly think "front-wheel burnout." Yet with 263 horsepower, that's what you'll get if you floor an MKZ from a stop. Maybe we should just call it the "tire Mark Zee."

Eighth Place: 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT (13.2 lb/hp)Finally, we have a car that looks like it should be fast - and it's in some pretty strange company. Technically, the Eclipse is practically in a three-way with the MKZ and the Lexus ES350 (which we combined into the fifth-place Camry's section.) Even though the Eclipse is shockingly heavy (3472 lb), its 3.8-liter V-6 has the grunt to make up for it - and the result is lots of wheelspin.

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