1937-1939 Talbot-Lago Figoni-Falaschi coupe

August 25, 2006
0610 Z+1937 Talbot Lago Figoni Falaschi+25 Most Beautiful Cars
Designed by Joseph Figoni
Genius stylist/designer Joseph Figoni and Ovidio Falaschi, the accountant who kept him solvent, created some of the most exotic and sensuously beautiful cars of the late 1930s. Their coups amricains were popularly called Teardrops, a name Figoni despised. There were both racing cars and grand tourers, each a masterpiece of aesthetic form and aerodynamic function. There have been numerous counterfeits and kit-car rip-offs, but the real thing commands seven figures whenever one becomes available. Figoni-Falaschi body construction was exceptionally sound, so some nearly seventy-year-old cars are as good--and as beautiful--as new.


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