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Automobile's editorial columns section showcases the thought-provoking opinions of our editors, who offer up their takes on wide array of topics from across the automotive spectrum.

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dyer consequences
Dyer Consequences

Gator Wrangler

For me, major childhood milestones were defined by the various wheeled conveyances that served as placeholders until the day I got my driver's license.
| Jul 24, 2013
dyer consequences
Dyer Consequences

Crash Course

Safety features normally don't get a lot of play in car reviews, for the simple reason that crumple zones and seatbelt pretensioners tend to induce extreme boredom.
| Jul 08, 2013
noise vibration and harshness

Noise, Vibration and Harshness Toward A Unified Theory Of Old-Car Ownership.

When I tell you there are institutions out there that will lend you money to buy old cars just as readily as ordinary banks cough up cash to help you buy new ones, I expect a few of you may suddenly find yourselves ready, willing, and enabled to do what you otherwise might not have done.
| Jun 11, 2013
rolls royce wraith
By Design

Rolls-Royce Wraith

Stretching the limits.
| Jun 10, 2013
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dyer consequences
Dyer Consequences

Absolute Power

If you were to chart new-car horsepower over the past ten years, the graph would look like the one for Lindsay Lohan arrests: flat, flat, climbing a bit, and then suddenly skyrocketing toward vertical.
| Jun 03, 2013
vile gossip
Vile Gossip

The Car Chase

Eternally fascinating to boys of all ages.
| Jun 03, 2013
ferrari laferrari
By Design

Ferrari LaFerrari

Terrific. But what'll they do for an encore?
| May 28, 2013
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Jean Jennings Welding Gear
Vile Gossip

The Second-Best Job Ever

Being a crash-test dummy.
| May 21, 2013
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noise vibration and harshness
Noise, Vibration & Harshness

The Slightly Eco Supercar: LaFerrari Versus P1

Thousands thronged the Ferrari stand at Geneva’s motor show for the debut of the machine called simply, and not a little curiously, LaFerrari.
| May 20, 2013
Dyer Consequences

Do It Yourself. Or Maybe Don't.

In my line of work, I'm constantly reminded of my mechanical ignorance.
| Apr 29, 2013
Noise, Vibration & Harshness

The Karma of Fisker

There's a lot to like about the plug-in Fisker Karma.
| Apr 15, 2013

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